Kosovo - what now?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Two developments today for 'Balkan enthusiasts'.

    (1) It has been announced that Ibrahim Rugova, President of Kosov@, died this morning (21 Jan). REUTERS LINK

    Dr Rugova had been ill for some time. Earlier this week, Epoka e re touted former UCK and PDK figure Mr Fatmir Limaj as a suitable successor to Rugova.
    Mr Limaj was the leading defendant in the recent 'Lapusnik Prison Camp' trial at the Hague, in which he and one other accused were acquitted.

    (2) IWPR have just reported that the prosecution have filed an appeal against the two acquittals, and against sentence in the case of the third co-accused. IWPR LINK

    Meanwhile, I understand that talks on the future status of the province are due to start next week - 25 Jan. Edit: BBC report talks postponed to February. Apart from postponement, talks unlikely to be affected directly by demise of Dr Rugova, which had been expected.
  2. Bajram Kosumi is moving swiftly to maintain control over the Cabinet - might just be simple expediency to make shure things don't go pear-shaped rapidly, but who can say.

    I wonder if history will allow Rugova to keep his 'Ghandi of the Balkans' moniker?
  3. I wonder if his non-violent approach could have ultimately succeeded, or whether it could only ever be a step on the road to armed struggle.

    Isn't Kosumi also the Prime Minister of Japan?
  4. :D

    Well, they both bear suspiciously similar names, reputations for liberalism and colourful pasts.

    I think we should be told!