Kosovo-Serbia Border Clash

And they always cheat at the Eurovision Song Contest


Get that padlock off the ****ing SLR cupboard!
Camp Bondsteel? They're welcome to it.

Or Camp Film City? The one with all the helos parked on top of lorry containers and the porno shop outside the gate, selling scat videos to the boxheads.

Or the French one up the road where the frogs accidentally shelled a British pos in Mitrovica (revenge for Waterloo). Last time I was there they'd built a tiny replica of the Eiffel Tower outside the guard house.
Last time I was there they'd built a tiny replica of the Eiffel Tower outside the guard house.

They've got one of those minature Eiffel Tower's outside the French "NAAFI" at Camp Warehouse in Kabul. When we used to walk back to our digs rat-arsed, the four of us used to choose a leg each & lag on it.
Stephen Glover on 16 December 2010 said:
Mr Blair has some very bizarre friends

Mr Blair has some very bizarre friends, but a monster who traded in human body parts beats the lot

Five months ago, Tony Blair travelled to Kosovo at the invitation of the country’s prime minister, his friend Hashim Thaci, to receive the Golden Medal of Freedom. Mr Thaci has often lavished praise on Mr Blair for playing the leading role in *‘liberating’ Kosovo from Serbian rule in 1999.

Our former prime minister has some very bizarre friends. A new report from the respected Council of Europe accuses Mr Thaci of overseeing a ‘mafia-like’ organised crime ring in the late Nineties, which engaged in assassinations, beatings, human organ trafficking and other serious crimes.

The report, which took two years to compile, names Mr Thaci as having exerted ‘violent control’ over the heroin trade in Kosovo during the last decade. Figures from his inner circle are accused of taking scores of Serbs captives across the border after the war with Serbia ended in 1999, where a number of them were murdered for their kidneys, which were sold on the black market.

Tony Blair's friend Kosovan PM Hashim Thaci is a bizarre monster | Mail Online

Mr Blair has some very bizarre friends . . .

Mr Blair is seen by some Kosovans as a hero after he played a big role in 'liberating' the region from Serbian rule . . . .


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    Mr Blair is seen by some Kosovans as a hero after he played a big role in liberating the region .jpg
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I am stuck with an image of Serbs confronting bin raiding Kosovans in South Belfast at the moment. Then across the border the Southern Irish having an interest in sustaining European fringe national integrity to uphold cheating in Eurovision which sort of ensures Ireland doesn't get on another winning streak and have to keep hosting it. An ex British Army group refined in irony buy a plot in the area and build a mosque. And naff off. And the dis-banded band of the Coldstream Guard become British entry to Eurovision with their new title "No one likes us and we don't care". Aegis wins a contract to patrol the streets in Belfast to control the new Balkan dimension and wave their payslips at unemployed catholics. Nothing to worry about then.
As always, the Balkans is either in flames or gently smouldering, same old same old.
. . . . . . An ex British Army group refined in irony buy a plot in the area and build a mosque. And naff off. . . . . .

To where would you like us to send our donations?
According to Mrs RCT(V) when it kicked off, Polish forces were on the border between Serbia (proper) -and- the Serb populated (north) Kosovo.

The Polish forces have since been replaced by American forces.

The LINK(s) below provide useful information, and further down the page moving pictures (with sound!), for those who like that kind of thing . . . .

RTS :: Zapaljen prelaz Jarinje

RTS :: Vesti

You should/might have a drop-down “header” in blue stating,

“This page is in [Serbian]. Would you like to translate it? [Translate] [Nope]”,

Obviously a very useful option . . .

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

Edited to add a further LINK - with rough English translation . . .

Blic Online | Serbian smuggler from Kosovo ordered destruction of Jarinje


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Stand down the outrage bus.

Stand down the deployable Bedford and put the lock back on the SLR cupboard.

Minor skuffle between the locals. Plenty more to come as this has been gradually brewing for a while, but won't reach crisis point that requires UK deployment.

Must be a slow news day in the UK or, perhaps, HMG looking for some excuse to diss Belgrade

uh-huh? Could be I 'spose....but seems to be a slow news day in the Reuters/ NATO Press Office as well then.....
NATO to send extra troops to Kosovo
8:24am EDT
PRISTINA/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - NATO will send hundreds more troops to Kosovo after an escalation of violence there between ethnic Albanians and Serbs last week, NATO officials said Tuesday.

A battalion of troops, mainly from Germany and Austria, will join the Kosovo Security Force KFOR in coming days, the officials in Brussels and Pristina said.


A Kosovo Serb walks by Slovenia's KFOR soldier in the village of Rudare near Zvecan, August 2, 2011.Reuters/Marko Djurica

"The reason for the deployment is to relieve forces currently engaged in maintaining security," NATO spokeswoman Carmen Romero said.

"It's not that the situation has gotten worse, but that KFOR troops have been very active and the commander considers the troops need to be relieved."

NATO's force in Kosovo currently numbers nearly 6,000.

Diplomats said the reserve battalion that has been kept on standby in Germany consists of 600 German troops and 100 Austrians.

Violence flared last week after Kosovo sent ethnic Albanian special police units to border posts that had been staffed mostly by ethnic Serbs to enforce a ban on imports from Serbia.

NATO sent its peacekeepers to quell a subsequent three days of violence in which one ethnic Albanian policeman was shot dead and hardline Serbian nationalists set fire to one of the northern border crossings.

The NATO troops returned to their barracks Friday after ethnic Serbs blocked them from reaching peacekeepers deployed at border posts.

At the weekend the NATO mission said it had removed three road blocks but they were mainly on secondary roads and the situation remained tense Tuesday with local Serbs still blocking the main roads to border posts.

After meeting Serb officials in Serbia, EU mediator Robert Cooper arrived in Pristina Tuesday to meet Albanian leaders and urge them to sit and talk with Belgrade officials.

Serbia lost control of Kosovo in 1999, when NATO waged a 78-day bombing campaign to end Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic's crackdown on ethnic Albanian rebels and ethnic cleansing.

Kosovo declared independence in 2008 but the 60,000 Serbs living in northern Kosovo still consider Belgrade their capital.

(Reporting by David Brunnstrom, Fatos Bytyci, Ilona Wissenbach and Justyna Pawlak, editing by Gareth Jones)

postcards from Mitrovice - I wonder if they have any of those T-shirts that say

' Further East than Grandfather got.....'
I wish the best for the Serbian people against Albanian Organ mafia and their Nato allies.

If only the Serbs returned back to the Socialism that make Yugoslavia great instead of this Religonist nonsense.

I hope the Serbs are open to volunteers!
I don't get Serbs at times, they act as if they were the only ones who fought for Kosovo against Ottomons. Its not like Albanians or Croat etc fought against the Turks.

How is it their spiritual homeland when 90 percent of the area is Albanian?

Should Albanians be blamed over the fact that most Serbs in Kosovo relocated themselves to Urban areas for better jobs and opportunities?

Serbs claimed most of Yugoslavia as their own even though they wiped out the natives just to establish themselves.

Plus not all Albanians are Muslims, there are Orthodox and Catholic albanians also too, and most of Albanians are atheists, first Atheist country in the world, or can i say Europe, they fight for Albanianism as they refer to it as.

Plus it was not the Albanians who started the trouble, the Serbs were the ones who started the discrimination process, and sprouted stupid ethnic nationalism in Kosovo which led to attacks on Albanians.

What will Serbia do exactly? remove 90 percent of the population, forced them and expel them so they can be replaced by the families of fanatical Chetniks?

Serbs start shit and then act like victims.
America pushed for Kosovo so they can establish their huge military base there. Has nothing to do with Religion. Politics is Politics!

would that be that the shit hole built on an entire hill?

do your homework shit for brains, check your atlas gupta its another country

mind you, you could run a mean business selling cooked dogs
Likely just sabre-rattling, but with the West so distracted by other events at the moment, maybe time for some opportunistic military nastiness. Or maybe, just back to normal post-COVID?

'Serbia has raised the combat readiness of its troops on the border with Kosovo as a four-day flare-up over mutual recognition of state authority bedevils the Balkan neighbors, with Serbia's president suggesting there are limits to what Belgrade will "tolerate."

'The new frictions have dampened hopes that a decade of EU-mediated efforts to normalize relations between the two former Yugoslav entities will achieve a breakthrough anytime soon.

'Ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo have been blocking the border since Kosovar authorities on 20 SEP began strictly enforcing a new policy of removing Serbian license plates from incoming vehicles and replacing them with temporary local plates.

'Serbian authorities for years have insisted on the removal of Kosovar license plates that cross their mutual border.

'Pristina this week deployed special troops to several major border checkpoints to maintain order as it invoked the new restriction.

'But ethnic Serb protesters have blocked two crossings in the north of Kosovo, at Jarinje and Brnjak, as well as roads leading to them.

'Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti said on 22 SEP his country and Serbia should start recognizing each other's car license plates, adding, “Neither our state or citizens nor Kosovar Serbs or Serbia are interested in incidents and escalation."

'But Serbian Defense Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said on a visit to the Raska and Novi Pazar garrisons on 23 SEP that Serbian troops there were on high alert as the standoff persisted. Stefanovic was accompanied by the chief of the Serbian General Staff, General Milan Mojsilovic. 'Kosovar officials have disputed Serbian media reports suggesting ethnic Serb protesters were beaten by police. Kosovo Police spokesman Baki Kelani said that apart from the presence of barricades reinforced by gravel, the situation was largely calm.'


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