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Good looking "Punter Puller" from SERB side spotted by Refugees who fled to Kososvo after the War against the Kosovo/Serb government sparked a riot when Kosovan Pimps where unable to kidnap,rape and flog her off to a gang of similar origin in SOHO. Any sympathetic or appeals to DHSS office addresse's will be gatefully received.
jash said:
1.3 million Albanian vs 80,000 Serbs 8O 8O
I know who id put my money on
Come on you Serbs! :twisted:

Interesting point watching it on the news. In '99 it was evil nasty Serbs against the lovely fluffy Kosovans, implying Serb invaders.

Suddenly they're using the correct, but less sympathetic Albanians.

A shift in policy afoot?
99, the Serbs had it coming. But by the same token noone ever said the albanians had anything going for them. Kosovars are streets had of proper Albanian Shkiptars, but the greater-albanian gangsters who operate in both countries and Macedonia are scum - like baddies from a Bond move.
The whole area has always been a tinderbox and always will be.

Its a no win situation, mores the pity for the occupants and the peacekeepers.

99, the Serbs had it coming. But by the same token noone ever said the albanians had anything going for them.
Really, I seem to recall the UCK (or KLA) were being touted by the BBC as great heroic freedom fighters, when in reality just a bunch of thugs protecting their drug routes into Europe.

Not saying the Serbs are particularly pleasant in the way they do things, but I didn't think much of us bombing "raping, murdering babykillers", purely to help the "murdering, babykilling rapists" further their aims.
Just got back from the sunny rest camp that is Slim Lines near Pristina, having joined the SLE for this month's festivities.
From what we saw it was a co-ordinated effort against the Serb minority by ethnic Albanians, with a view to getting us to re-affirm our committment there.
On the monday before the riots, all the Locally-employed civvies in the camps had recieved their redundancy notices. Now their contracts have been renewed and more interrupters have been taken on strength.
They just love KFOR now!!!
The only UN troops that were able to hold the line prior to SLE deployment were the Irish Republic troops, who worked for 4 days straight before our arrival because the Finns, Norwegians, Swedes, Spams etc stayed in thier respective camps until our arrival.
There are something like 17,000 troops of various nationalities in Kosovo and it took the arrival of 700 british infantry to quell the disturbances (actually less than that as it took a few days to get the whole battlegroup on the ground) - what does that say for the effectiveness of other nations' armed forces? :evil:
It's all T*ss![/i]

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