Kosovo clothing

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lakey700, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I am deploying to Kosovo in March next year with 1 Royal Anglian. I am doing the cotac course in January. We have been told that the majority of work will be done in civvies. Can anyone give me some ideas of kit and clothes to buy and websites if possible. Many thanks. Ben.
  2. What work will you be doing in civvies????
  3. Mainly surveillance work.
  4. Well things have clearly moved on since I was there!
  5. I would stop advertising it now matey. Telling people about it tends to be a bit of a cover destroyer if y'know what I mean :)
  6. Easy. Most Kosovan men dress like the dad of The Royal Family. And I don't mean prince Philip.

    And stop washing your hair now.
  7. I'm pretty sure that he'll be fine unless he has Lakey700 tattood on his forehead??
  8. get a shell suit with a pair of slip on shoes, and for good measure a black leather jacket over the top
  9. Unless you'll be going to the Serbian areas I'd suggest you grow a big moustache.
  10. Could you buy the kit in country, so you know you're getting something that looks Kosovan?
  11. Just leave the Tocco behind in case you break it and try to be more successful in both of your quests than you were in Southend..... :evil: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!
  12. He didnt say he was going in as a Kos Albanian bird

    or did he
  13. Nope, but he shouldn't rule out that option immediately.
  14. Take loads of pukka North Face clothing....it's all the rage...

  15. Why not simply buy them out there

    the Maxi Mart do a great line in ahem cough knock of versions