Kosovan Quids in

Absolutely astonishing and bloody disgraceful

So, let me get this right ...

There were five other men in the car with Mr Bici and some were firing guns into the air as part of wild celebrations to mark a national holiday. Two were killed when the soldiers opened fire.
Six blokes (five of whom, at least) had weapons and were firing them :? and they were driving toward a building they must have known was guarded by armed Paras :?

The paratroopers were investigated by Royal Military Police but cleared of any crime because they believed themselves to be in extreme danger.
well obviously! :eek:

Mr Bici, then 24, was flown to Britain where NHS surgeons rebuilt his face. He was later granted legal aid to sue the Ministry of Defence in the UK courts at taxpayers' expense.
So we bring him over, rebuild his face at taxpayers' expense, then give him Legal Aid to sue our own Government!!!!

And now we give £4.2 Million! :x nope, that makes me :x :x :x


I had to deal with those fcukers when I worked for immigration a few years ago, my outrage meter blew after about 4 days
How dare you all be so ignorant and racist.

Kosovo Albanians are the key to the UK and the wider EU's future security and economic prosperity.

It is HMG policy to bend over backwards to help Kosovo Albanians and meet each and everyone of their demands in order to ensure that they do not get uppity and scupper our future.

Without the goodwill and support of the Kosovo Albanians, the UK and the EU is doomed.
The return of the leather jacket and greasy hair brigade...utterly disgusting.

I never have appreciated the British army more than on those February 2001 days when a 1PWRR Coy pulped those rioting scum with a very liberal dose of batton rounds from their HK69s...what a sight...
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