Kosova & Pristina - Wossitlike???

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Speedkuff, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. Dear Arrsers,

    I am likely to be heading to Kosova and most probably to Pristina in the Oct/Nov of this year for a 12 month stay and I badly need info.

    I've done the usual Wiki/Google searches but although these are helpful, they don't seem to give any type of "On the Ground" view of oh, you know, everything.

    I'm interested in Do/Don't Do's

    Accommo - reasonable priced type

    Stuff to take/Not take etc

    Where to drink - What to drink

    Where to go & Where not

    All the stuff that might come to mind from anyone who's recently spent time there would be gratefully received.

    I thank you :)

  2. Sorry to go a little off the thread but if you are travelling for any length of time in that region it is well worth seeing Mostar and Sarajevo. Ive not long returned from over there and they were well worth the effort.

    I would be interested to know what Pristina is like too.
  3. Couldn't agree more. There's a good guidebook to Boz, The Bradt Guide to Bosnia i Herzegovina. It's pretty informative and is a good intro to the region.

    Sarajevo is a must. Mostar is great too and is worth seeing before it becomes a tourist mecca. The bridge and surrounding streets are already filling up with trashy tourist shops.

    Pristina? Was last there in December but it is still a dump: dull Tito blocks and crap all over the place. Best bit is the market. Mitrovica is similar - interesting but nothing to pack the bucket and spade for.

    PM me if you need more info, but I would strongly suggest Boz instead of Kosovo.

    All depends on what you're looking for, I suppose.
  4. I was there 8 years ago, it was a hole, and freezing in the winter months. I assume things have changed/progressed since then though.
  5. Pristina: shitehole. End of story.

    OK, so you want a bit more detail?

    Typical rent prices are dropping fast: 400-500 a month should get you a really good apartment close to wherever you want.

    Make sure the building has its own generator, and that it is sufficiently big to power your tv, oven, shower etc during the frequent and long blackouts. Aircon is essential in summer, as is decent heating in winter (again get a form that can survive 3-5 hours without power when you need it). Also be prepared to live for hours (worst case even days) without running water.

    Places to eat: changes rapidly, but there are dozens of decent places to eat out that cater for almost every taste and certainly every budget. There are a few no-go places so check with your local security advisor of the places to avoid.

    Shopping: pretty much everything can be got for a price in Pristina. There are several large supermarkets on the road out to the airport. Avoid the one opposite the UN HQ as it is effing expensive.

    Hotels: Avoid the Hotel Grand at all costs: it last had money spent on it in 1970 and is a complete toilet. Google a search for pristina hotels and you will find some excellent little ones. I used to stay in Sunnyhill which had a few modern ones with good restaurants.

    Locals are normally very friendly, just don't openly fúck the local women until you are really, really sure of the situation (and the opinions of her family). Fun can be had there, and the place has amazing sunsets thanks to the sun setting though the fumes and pollution. The city is dirty, roads are crap and the local drive as though Allah is watching out for them. He isn't.
  6. Cheers for the above :)

    Unfortunately I don't think there's going to be a choice it's just waiting for the EULEX thing to kick in and then as I understand it, I'll be Pristina bound.

    I'm just hoping to save enough dosh to clear the old credit cards and get some funds to re-do Speedkuff Towers when I return. Hopefully a combination of cheap accommo and frugal living will let me save enough of my daily allowance to achieve the above and maybe have something left over... maybe
  7. Pristina continued.

    Dread is right about the driving. Only Kabul is worse.

    Phoenix Bar opposite UNMIK good for Kosovan beer and full all-day English breakfast. It's usually packed with coppers missing Blighty.

    Tunel Bar close to Grand Hotel full of Albanian thugs but promises an exciting night out if you're into Chinese hookers and a decent cup of coffee.

    There are good bars on the streets either side of the main drag.

    Close by is the Field of Black Birds, beloved by the Serbs. By day, the birds flock to Camp Film City to crap all over NATO / KFOR.

    But Pristina is ... a dung hole.
  8. So, I'm getting the idea that it's not exactly salubrious? :wink:
  9. Looks like the info is turning up useful things already! I just did a Google on "Sunnyhill Pristina" and a fair bit of stuff came up.

    It's the sort of info that you only turn up from peeps who have been and seen. Keep it coming and thanks :)
  10. One could go on.

    But there are places worth a visit, and ski-ing at Brezovica in the south.

    There is a Bradt guide to Kosovo.
  11. Just a teensy Bump cause you never know what else might be out there...