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Don't bother with Hebridean Sea salt

Hebridean Sea Salt goes into liquidation after table salt scandal

The moral of this story is if allegedly you are going to ship table salt to the Western Isles and then rebag it as artisan sea salt, then pay your workers more than minimum wage or else they might get miffed at all the unshared profit and tip off trading standards.
I am definitely getting Fijian salt at this rate and comboing it with Fijian water and selling at at least 4 times the prices of the whole thing....


Salt of the earth is recommended, as is 100% organic hand raised artisan sourced outer Mongolian meteor crater sourced hipster salt, only £123- 25grams. FFS salt is salt, its tastes like.... F-in SALT.

Proper Himalayan salt contains no added iodine or anti-caking agents which alters its taste and texture slightly. It also means that it's used by those who flush their hooters out with neti pots. And no that's not a dildo stuck on the side...


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