KOSB vs MOD - Round 1 KOSB

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by RCSignals, May 29, 2005.

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  1. http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=4612821

  2. good news so far

  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    They have the strongest case for argument by being the only Regiment whose Colonel (albeit by proxy given by quoted Brig) voted against amalgamation. Shame on all the other Colonels.
  4. They'll all go down fighting, but they'll go down all the same. and you know it's true!

  5. Surely if the KOSB were

    then they are still be being paid by their old Colonel's family so they can give their pay back :wink:
  6. Fcuk 'em. How many English regiments bit the bullet in '92 Options for Change. Get used to it and quick!!
  7. Aye but how many of them wish they had mounted a half way decent campaign to save themselves? At least the Scottish regiments will go down (if indeed they do - hope springs eternal) fighting.... well perhaps not the RHF... their Colonel seems to have his eye on much more important things than HIS regiment assuming the title 2RRS!

    Hang in there KOSB yer no deid yet!
  8. Having been to a Scottish Brigade Recruiting Conference For the TA a couple of months back. I was told some interesting facts fron a member of scot div staff. For FAS to work the TA must be Fully manned by 2010(thats why there is an abundance of cash getting spent on TA recruitment).

    Suprise Suprise. nobody wants to join the TA. You now have to notify your employer that you are either in, or are wanting to join the TA.

    The chance of getting mobilised is putting potential recruits off.

    Retention is Down by 37%.

    There is a decline in persons of recruitable age due to a decline of birds getting PREGGERS. 15 Yrs ago. ( how selfish).( MOD Figures).

    As it has been said in other forums, Labour see the TA as the Cheaper alternative( as the labour government called them, CASUAL LABOUR). The problem is that the CASUAL LABOUR will not be around as well as fully manned.


  9. He had weird and nasty ideas about what to do with the TA when he was COMD 51 HIGHLAND BDE,but it seems he has learned wisdom with advancing age.Well done SIR!!
  10. Hauld yer wisht Mon ! A maths test...6 Battalions each about 100 down, despite Fijiian input. 6 x 100 light is ...a Battalion ! They all have the right number of COs, OCs, WOs, SNCOs...it's just the Jocks who are missing and it is they who feel the true pain of overstretch (Och aye Cameron, I'll gie ye 14 Pl fae yer Iraq tour, why Angus yé did he same fae me last year).

    The KOSB will adjust after the nettle sting wears off, so will the others, they have no option. Regtl Cols can posture but they can't fully recruit so their arguement is lost. I wonder about what they are going to do with all their Fijiians who remain..THEY certainly won't be taking any redundancy on offer as their wages are funding their national economy.

    The KOSB will fight on...no change there then ...."stitch this !"
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    If the Scottish Bns are, as you say, the equivalent of 1 bn short - why on earth would anyone get redundancy?
  12. the simple fact of the matter is we like it as it was. I wasn't happy about amalgamating with the Queens Own but it happened.

    This means that when my bairn is born (this october) and grows up should he wish to join the army he will be the first bloke in my family for over a hundred years not to put in some service with the Gordons.

    Family and Tradition is strong in the Scottish regiments and the english County Regiments. When these ties are severed will our motives remain the same. I'm sure I'll fight just as hard and remain as proffessional as I always have but will future generations be as keen to enlist?

    i'm not so sure. As ever we will have to do as we are told. Reforms and changes in the army have been going on since the army was raised but personally I think the local regimental system is what has made the army and i will be sad to see it go.

    I love the army - Every day is like a pantomime (with me as the rather over the top villain) I love the regimental rivalry (face it the rest of you are all sh1te.)

    we'll just have to see what happens. The thing that upsets me is that I can see a day when we'll no longer wear our kilts. (the pipes and drums will keep them for the tourists) I love the pageantry that the scottish regiments have. It's good that we are all different.

    Ask yourself. if your lot looked like they were for the chop would you be pleased about it?
  13. If the Scottish regiments could recruit Scottish people into its Regiments instead of Fijieans and Gurkas, then perhaps they wouldn't be hit by so many reductions.

    If you can't recruit - you deserve to go. :evil:
  14. Perhaps the block on recruiting which was imposed on us until recently was a little unfair if that is the standard?

    Have you ever heard the expression that it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt?
  15. how the hell can these cuts improve the recuiting as it is being claimed or improve any off the factors that they claim like mobilty......

    alot of the lads around the perth/blair area that i have talked to seem to think of it as joining the regiment rather than joining the army