KOSB Pte charged with shooting Iraqi Boy.

Outrageous, how can any civil court and jury examine and decide the right and wrong of warfare.

Granted mistakes are made but the situation is so out of the "normal" it is beyond belief that they can expect to look at and judge on scenarios where armed forces have to react to incidents that the average man on the street can not comprehend.

It says he would have to stand trial in Iraq... sold down the river by his own government.

Ok lets see those yanks who murdered British Forces through lack of self control and lack of discipline...

The KOSBIES did a fine job, what thanks they got? no POTL but another tour in NI, yes cheers Hoon you C*nt
Here here. Totally agree. Its too easy to pick things in a situation whislt sat in a comfy chair miles away. I would back the Pte 100% in his actions.
yep me too, split seconds to make decision, quick enough to send us to every gig going, but support? hindsight is a wonderful thing, reckon i'd have won the lotto many times over with it.

make your vote count
This is driven from pressure from B-lair and his crony's.

Its a political driven agenda, the military system in our Forces are and have been proven to be fair in the greatest majority of cases, long before this bunch where a twinkle in their Great Grandfathers eyes. :evil:
Usual left-wing ballocks to appease everyone apart from the people who count-US!

Remember this come the election and the referendum on the EU :evil:
This would seem to be another example of a politically-driven effort to discredit the forces so that the populace will accept cuts more readily.

Will this man get a fair trial? I suspect not.
Today on sky news it states the attourney general has said the soldier may face a charge of negligent discharge of a weapon rather than a charge of unlawful wounding.

Sure seems a lot of public fuss over an ND!
If he was acting within the rules of engagement then in theory he should be protected. However, this theory is not worth the card that the JSP extract is printed on! We no longer do scenario-based trg, apparently because this may bring liability upon the MoD when the decision-making process is considered in court. That cold unpleasant feeling.....it's your naked uncovered back!
ND ? there were loads of NDs out there - hope his brief is smart enough to push back on the system and demand the stats from the Army as part of the defence buiding process. If he does, I suspect this will be seen to be a malicious prosecution sponsored by the Attorneny General for political purposes.

Does the kid have a brief? Won't be able to afford a decent one, perhaps Mrs Blair will offer her services for a reasonable rate :lol:

So why haven't the others been dragged through the national press?? A disgrace that the Attorney General has picked on a private soldier. What about the Officers that had an ND?? Smacks of bully tactics.

Amnesty International - now is your que to step in on behalf of this youngster and ensure that this young man gets a fair trial - we are all waiting :?:
Hootch said:
Amnesty International - now is your que to step in on behalf of this youngster and ensure that this young man gets a fair trial - we are all waiting :?:
It has taken me 5 minutes to write this as I couldn't stop laughing! AI! On our side! Jesus, that bunch of left wing arrseholes.

Watch out in case a pig starts flying :evil:
probably cause this ND hurt someone :( .
ND and your round hits someone one you desrve to have the book thrown at you. KId got medivaced here and in line for a comp payout fair enough again. Some lawyer twat know wants is entire family to move here as well :roll:
I say we let the PTe off if he NDs one last time :twisted:

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