Korporal Kit - austerity as a way of life

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by BoomShackerLacker, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. I have been accused of not so much being 'tight' but 'disinterested in spending'. My excuse is that although being an early Sixties' child post-war austerity still ruled - the mantra was:

    "Make do and mend"
    "Waste not want not"
    "Every penny counts"

    This 'culture' offered characters (Korporal Kit) who would not buy, on principle, any personal kit, Large Pack only; in a misguided attempt to shame the government.

    Currently I take great pleasure in not replacing our old portable TV with a widescreen monster. It will get replaced when it fails! What Austerity Measures still operate in your house?
  2. Quite a few, including:

    Nothing left on stand-by.
    Ignore all 'use by' dates - use common sense instead.
  3. Paper and packaging are saved to light the fire. If it can be pickled or bottled instead of frozen then that's what happens - cheaper than running the freezer. Practically no food goes to waste.

    I've emptied the bin once in nine months, ash from the fires goes to making up the road through the paddock.
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    having to throw food away drives me crazy, I hate the waste of it.
    I'll also upend the finished bottle of washing up liquid into the new one to make sure it all drains into the new one. Something I got off my mum as well, if you buy soap, take it out of the packet and leave it out on a bathroom shelf or the like for a few weeks while you get round to using it - it will last a lot longer than if you use it straight out of the packet.
  5. Now that he's left school, the boy doesn't get an allowance. He gets 'Performance Related Pay'. Saves me a fortune if he's lazy!
  6. Yes I have the duty HD widescreen monster TV but running two satellite set top boxes and neither are HD. The Sky Digibox was bought in 2000 from part of the proceeds of me winning my appeal against the SPVA or War Pensions Agency as it was then.

    It's probably more a case of sentimentality than austerity.
  7. I refuse to invite tight-fisted children of the sixties across my threshold, thus minimising the risk of the flatulent buggers stealing all of my sugar, and helping themselves to my beer.
  8. 1. Work out and stick to a budget. For everything.

    2. Want it? Save for it (house excepted and yes I've even saved for a new a car).

    3. Work out the weekly menu before going shopping for food.

    4. In terms of food, waste nothing.
  9. Never buy on credit unless we absolutely have to (as in will suffer if we don't).

    Buy food for the meal we're going to cook, rather than because it's BOGOF - if we don't need it, we don't buy it.

    Decide big-ticket spending based on necessity rather than lifestyle. We could have a) a flash car each, b) move to an 'executive' development and c) holiday in the sun twice a year - but we'd rather a) take the train, b) stay in the flat I've owned since leaving the army for as long as it's big enough, and c) visit the in-laws. The money we save we stick in the savings account.

    The number of friends over the years who've looked at us as if we were a bit odd or missing out on something obvious and natural... He who laughs last truly does laugh longest.
  10. ...have never bought a lottery ticket and it pains me to buy raffle tickets too! 8)
  11. Tight cnuts!
  12. Tight solvent cnuts!
  13. When I was living in the UK I had a big street market nearby, which was a goldmine. For example, I'd get down there about 4 pm on a Saturday when they're virtually paying you to take the stuff away, get a tray of very ripe avocados, ten lemons for a pound or so, whizz it up in the blender with a bit of salt, tabasco and garlic and you've got a month's worth of guacamole ready for freezing in portions.
  14. You'll no find pockets in shrouds. Spend when you can!!!!.

  15. As an older soldier from a poor background, I'm extremely thrift.
    I always keep a selection of NAAFI 'reduced for quick sale' stickers on my person - saved thousands over the years.