Koronet in Lebanon

Does anyone know how many Merkeva's the Israelis lost to the Koronet in the Lebanon? A newspaper report I read a couple of weeks ago mentioned 17, the Times on Sunday mentioned 43. Whether this figure solely refers to MBTs or other AFVs I am unsure and it is probably doubtful whether or not all were caused by the Koronet.
Sixty percent of the vehicles hit were Merkava tanks, and a third of them were destroyed or badly damaged. All the damaged tanks were recovered and repairable. Part of this is due to the fact that Hizbollah was using several Russian ATGM types, from 1970s designs, to the modern Kornet (9M133 to the Russians, and similar to the American Javelin). Hizbollah appeared to have about 200 trained ATGM operators. The results of this large scale use of modern ATGMs again demonstrates that ATGMs are not some kind of wonder weapon that will make armored vehicles obsolete, not yet anyway. The Israelis had over a thousand armored vehicles in Lebanon, and five percent of them were hit. It hurt, but the ATGMs did not stop the Israelis, or even slow them down much.
Had me worried for a bit there. I suppose this is fairly good news for the future of british crews. Lets just hope Javelin doesnt fall into the wrong hands. One question to note, are the Merkava's equipped with Trophy yet? Akin the the UKs Hardkill DAS?

I don't know if Trophy is deployed yet, but this is from this weekend's Sunday Times:

The casualties from Russian-made anti-tank missiles have caused particular concern. An Israeli-invented radar defence shield codenamed Flying Jacket and costing £200,000 was installed on only four tanks. None of them was struck by anti-tank missiles.

But Hezbollah hit 46 tanks that lacked the shield. “£200,000 per tank is not beyond Israel’s means,” noted one military source acidly.

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