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Korma Blimey. Its EXTREME Big Curry

  • Thread starter ABF_The_Soldiers_Charity
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ABF The Soldiers' Charity have a challenge for you.

Today sees the launch of the fieriest fundraiser known to mankind; Big Curry.

This year is all about the extreme and we would love all you dare devils to take a leaf out of the Tigers book and film yourselves eating a curry in an extreme way. DIY is good for us so get those mobiles and video cameras at the ready and send the result to challenge@bigcurry.org

Check out what the Tigers did

We want that YouTube server to go down under the weight of extreme curry footage!!

Jumping out of planes aside we need to make Big Curry bigger so get involved and have a curry in return for donations to the charity. Download our fundraising pack to see how easy it is.

p.s. Don't get hurt doing anything for us. We like extreme but not THAT extreme.

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