Korean guards exchange fire

Soldiers from North and South Korea have exchanged machine gun fire as tensions rise amid efforts to resolve a crisis over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme.


Having recently watched the latest Jame Bond film, Die Another Day, is reality following art?

Mr Happy

Was up at the border recently. If the NK ever rolled south they'll need a lot of wire cutters and mine detectors first.
They also dig good tunnels, from past experience.
Lets not forget, that North Korea has nuclear weapons. In 1998 North Korea demonstrated that it had the ability to use these by launching a rocket over Japan, upsetting both Japan and Uncle Sam!

President Bush branded North Korea part of his “Axis of Evil”. A group of nations, that the US held responsible for a variety of terrorism all over the world. North Korea interpreted this as an attack upon its “sovereignty and security” of the nation.

Nothing is better for sorting out an economic and political disaster better than a good war. For 2 decades after the Korean war, North Koreas’ economy was far greater than that of the South’s. Richer in natural resources such as Iron Ore and Coal, the North had more heavy industry than the agricultural South. The demise of the Soviet Union and other European socialist states had a dramatic impact on the economy. There are continued power cuts and shortages of fuel. North Korea can not produce the power it requires, as the US failed to deliver on its obligations under the 1994 Framework (if North Korea stopped its nuclear weapons programme, the US would build 2 Light Water Nuclear Power Stations, and supply them with oil and other fuels until the Power Stations were up and running) and consequently industry is failing. There were several years of extreme droughts in North Korea, followed by severe floods, which destroyed the local infrastructure, washed away topsoil and ruined crops, leading to a famine.


As we mark the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Korean War..hang on..are we marking it? Did anyone even know? :roll:
Today is also the 19th anniversary of my dads death :cry:
He was in the front line in Korea serving as a medic attached to the Duke of Wellingtons.
He had his very own Bren Gun Carrier as an ambulance and he used to go into no mans land and get the casualties out. A dangerous job- I think half a dozen blokes doing his job got injured or killed the week before he was sent to replace them.
He had dysentry and not enough food..the officers used to store all the tinned meat while the men went hungry ..dad was very good at stealing tins but still was painfully thin when he got back home.
Korea messed his head up..he had ptsd big time.
By the time he died 33 years later aged 56 his lounge furniture was ammo boxes and his weapons were all buried in the woods ready for.. :roll:
The price that these men paid was in some cases very high.
My dad was messed up. He, being messed up, messed up his family..and here we are 50 years after the Korean war..with the damage from that conflict still ongoing...and what the hell was achieved by it?!
What was the fukcing point?!
Excuse this rare anti-war post..but indulge me today...19 years on..I just miss my daddy :cry:
Blondbint, very sad to read your entry above. Your father, like 1000's of squaddies before and after him, go home after war or conflict but still suffer as if they are still there, serving on the battlefield. I can't imagine what it would have been like in Korea for him and the rest of the lads and lasses, what with post WW2 and the British public with no stomach for yet another conflict, hence this 'forgotten' war. I must admit, I've never met anyone who served there, although it makes me think about my time in my local British Legion and in the Army, how come I never met or spoke to a veteran? I've met and spoke to loads from WW2/Falklands/NI/GW1, but I can't recall anyone who served in Korea. Maybe veterans don't like talking about it?

Mr Happy

Funny people describe it as a forgotten war because I never thought of it as such. Though I've always had an interest in 20th century warfare (like many of us I guess) it was never forgotten to me. And my woodwork teacher was partially deaf from his SMG exploding whilst he was firing it over there.

As a war went I thought it was a rather important one as Balances of power go. The 'UN' forces fighting the Chinese to a standstill being of major importance in that region back then in those early communist days.

Interestingly the 3 parties that attended the armistice talks were CH, NK and the US - SK wasn't invited. Somebody must have clearly understood that the NK and SK guys like little fcking arguments at every step of the way.

If you hear the news reports from yesterday about this 'war 50 years on' (certainly covered on BBC World and CNN in some detail Blondebint) they you'll know that the race is so intransigent that they'd never get anything done.

For example: Of the two national flags, NK's is longer and SK's is wider, oh no, they couldn't decide to have the same size or anything... and this was WITHOUT SK attending the talks! As a race they have this special level of drilling down to the lowest level that would amaze you. And no, I do not mean this as a compliment in the way that you might say a Swissie has attention to detail when he's making watches..

I had a special place in my heart for the French but to be honest it's now shared by the SK's who really are sneaky little bastards. At least the French are open about fcking you over.

Kind regards,

Mr H but not so H now I'm thinking about the ROK
Mr H,

may I ask what the Koreans did to upset you?

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