Korean conscript goes postal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smithie, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. BBC

  2. Damned fine way to stop people taking the p*ss out of you!
  3. He's in the Army, his name's 'Dong', of course he got ripped!
  4. Intresting to note that the SK govenment takes responsability.
  5. You're not suggesting...........?
  6. Confucius very very wise man says:
    Officer who bullies trained soldier with a weapon is a fukin muppet and didnt watch "Full Metal Jacket" :p
  7. on another note , he could have gone further and charged across the DMZ , possibly sparking off another Korean war considering how paranoid the NKs are. 8O
  8. I suspect that anyone who goes charging off across the DMZ carries out the IA drill for stepping on a mine extremely quickly. That's to say, jump a hundred feet in the air and scatter yourself over a large area.

    From what I hear, both sides have that entire area mined to hell and back. Curiously, though, the DMZ has taken on a bit of a role as a nature reserve - having been entirely free of humans for the past fifty years, it's been adopted by all sorts of species.

    A US study.

    Their comment on landmines is 'The impact of land mines on wildlife in the DMZ is not known; however, after fifty years of the DMZ, it is presumed that any animals large enough to set off land mines no longer live there' (paraphrase).

  9. My understanding is that most of the (now) DMZ was:

    good guys - down slope -fields - up slope - bad guys

    Mines are mostly in the key areas of the slopes on a 100+ mile front. Others have been naturally cleared - covered by erosion or Darwinian selection of the beasties. How many sheep do the FI lose pa.

    Then again maybe he was Darwin selected by a black/orange striped beastie.