Korea Launches Missles off Eastern Coast


South Korea's Defense Ministry says North Korea launched five missiles off its eastern coast Saturday, following similar tests earlier this week.

The Yonhap news agency quotes military officials as saying the missiles appear to be a type of short-range Scud missile.
Fallschirmjager said:
Funny that. I thought I saw some missiles when driving past Great Yarmouth yesterday!
If that was the North Koreans doing then perhaps we ought to be worried a little? (Not that Great Yarmouth would be a great loss of course)
4th July - I think that is the massive "Fcuk You" that the yanks were warned to expect.
We live in strange times indeed!

Yesterday as I was walking into town, I came across 2 blokes arguing ( I think ) :? On the pavement on one side of the road, a stumpy little Korean bloke was waving his arms about, jumping up and down and screaming " Fcuk Belgium! 8O at a Belgie bloke who was on the other side of the road, jumping up and down and screaming " Fcuk Korea! 8O :?

I sat on a bin and watched, listened and made an attempt to consider who's side I should come down on as neither nationalities impress me too much. After deciding I knew no Korean whatsoever, I delved deep into my Anglo Saxon and wished them well. They stopped for at least 10 seconds, gave me weird looks but most people do that so nothing changes there. They then resumed their single same words onslaught without leaving their own side of the pavement. Very bored now I walked off. Yep, we live in strange times indeed! :roll: :?
If they keep this up they won't have many missiles left. :)

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