Korea at it again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Romeo_47, May 25, 2007.

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    Korea has test fired missiles pointing towards Japan.
  2. Awesome...dig out the junglies!!
  3. Good. Maybe next time there'll be nukes attached.
  4. They were only short range anti-shipping missiles, according to the beeb, a bit of a non-event?
  5. But if they're effective, they could present a new capability in threatening major surface vessels. They're a proxy country of PRC and this might be seen in some bacofoil-lined quarters as a way of guarding the northern flank of a move on Taiwan.

    Anybody know if the range is significantly greater than before?
  6. True yes, Bloomberg have something a bit more in-depth about it:

  7. Cheers for the link CC

    Silkworm is a pretty capable piece of kit even in its early incarnation. Isn't the USN worried about them in Iranian hands?

    100km+ dominates a fair chunk of water and mobile launchers make for difficult targets. I don't imagine NK being as easy to infiltrate with Mk1 Eyeball as Iraq was, so ground-controlled air strikes a la Scud/GW1 don't look like much of a goer.

    Hmmm, someone's been very gently upping the pressure in the East recently, politically, militarily and economically. This strikes me as rather too subtle and considered a move for the w*nker in the platform shoes.
  8. Silkworm is capable yes, and Iran have rather a lot of them (under various names) don't they? Hezbollah managed to hit and damage an Israeli warship with a Silkworm which they acquired from 'somewhere' during last summer's hostilities didn't they? With all the missile technology and testing links between the two countries, this could be an interesting development.

    Is this NK proving they have a counter for SK's Aegis purchase, or is it a message to the two CVNs what just waltzed through the straights of Hormuz?

    Edit: [​IMG]
  9. BEEP

    "I'm sorry, the Junglies are not available right now. Due to being deployed to every operation going there is no-one to answer the phone. If, however, you require incredibly expensive and utterly underused aircraft with no current operational role, please phone the Merlin squadrons at Culdrose. They will undoubtedly say no, as they don't really 'do' operations, but they do have around 30 of the latest, most advanced, expensive helicopters we have. If you REALLY want us to come we will doubtless be shoehorned out there in between our other operational comittments at the whim of a junior defence minister who has little knowledge of events, capabilities or indeed anything outside of Whitehall."


    Rant over.

  10. yeah, but haven't we tried that before? and now the japs are everywhere. what was in the first two, fertiliser?
  11. Don't worry. We're pretty much immune to anti-shipping missiles due to the Royal Navy not having any ships.

    Also, Comrade Kim has been warned that his subscription to Playboy will be cancelled if he makes a move on South Korea.
  12. Do you think they'd point them towards Iran,if we asked nicely? :D
  13. There were similar tests this time last year, making it possible in theory that the timing just reflects the North Korean military calendar. However, as reported in today's South China Morning Post, there is a meeting in Singapore next weekend of defence officials from those countries engaged in the 'Shangri-La Dialogue' (ASEAN + China/US/Russia/Japan/South Korea and...oh, North Korea).

    Greg Torode in the SCMP reports some interesting geo-political currents, with Japan looking like it's hedging its bets with developing bi-lateral relations with Australia and India and South Korea apparently wondering if it's not better off snuggled up with Beijing rather than Washington. An anxious Pyongyang might well feel the need to flex its ailing muscles.

    Although (theoretically) not linked to the nuclear issue, the SCMP editorial has the US softening its line on North Korean access to Macau funds and encourages more flexibility on financial issues to encourage dialogue.

    Interesting times...
  14. Nah, mate, genuine bangs. It was just that the Seppos dropped 'em.

    The only reason they didn't hit Calcutta was that dayglo orange hadn't been invented.