Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Outstanding, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. What happens if someone chooses not to adopt the new Regimental insignia and titles?

    Is that good form, style or ignorance, stupidity?
  2. Surely its supidity as your disobaying an order?
  3. What makes you ask? Are you thinking of doing just that?
  4. Well I think that guys who are serving outside their regiments who have a long time in and have no wish to buy new kit, have abit of a point. I agree that it may be seen to be disobedience, but unless individually ordered I am not 100% sure.

    This follows a convesation with a mate who sees no merit in the re-org / re-badging.
  5. I have a lot of sympathy. I don't see why anyone should be obliged to spend anything on new items of clothing or equipment when they have perfectly serviceable ones already.

    I am sure there are many who agree your mate but it's not going to change anything.
  6. Its being done on a wastage basis for things like mess kit. Only as it wears out will it need to be replaced. The rest of the stuff (badges etc) are being provided out of the public purse.
  7. The thing about wastage is a fallacy, as sahown by other amalgamations. What tends to happen is that CO and RSMs buy the new kit (they have to really) and then "suggest" that not buying the new kit is in someway wrong. It will be only a short time later that not having the new kit will be "disloyal" or some such.
  8. I think that things like cap badges and TRFs should be supplied, if they are supplied they should be worn. Wearing a capbadge that no longer exists just because one doesn't agree with the new one is petulant. One can't really choose to adopt the titles or not as they kinda get done without you!

    If your frined is in the Black Watch and doesn't like the plans he should resign like the Officers Mess iof 1 BW who threatened to do so if the regiment was amalgamated. Oops it was amalagamated and oops they didn't resign!
  9. Having being involved in an amalgamation only a couple of weeks ago, I can sympathise. However, cap badges, TRF and stable belts should always be provided free as they were with the Yorkshire Regiment. I was a T.A Green Howard, I loved that regiment like you love the KORBR but disobedience is fruitless mate and there's nothing our infantry brothers can do now to change this. We know the changes have been severe in the Kings Division, but the Prince of Wales Division and The Scottish Division have been battered too - some of the army's most famous names have been lost this year with Kings, QLR, KORBR, Cheshire next year is that right?
  10. I just came back from 2 weeks at good old warcop, working closely with a few of the guys from KORBR and they didnt seem too happy with the amalgamation, even the RSM was holding out for as long as he could!!
    QLR, KORBR, now DLR, pants!!! luckily being fus it doesnt affect me, but ive heard enough griping about for the past few weeks!! why cant they just let things be?? !!! god forbid they ever consider amalgamating fusiliers!!!
  11. You Fusiliers have been well lucky - the only cut I can remember you involved in was the Options for Change in the early nineties where you lost the 3rd Bn!!

    I never thought the Green Howards would ever go - a regiment that was 318 years old and never amalgamated with anyone in it's history! That documentary - British Army - Be the Best was repeated on Sky Two on Friday night and all of it rang true. Lord Brockett, ex Cavalry officer was interviewed and he mentioned the importance of the regimental system in the army and said that this government was stupid and didn't know what they were tinkering with. This is totally true isn't it?

    Colonel Collins questioned how long the British Army would remain the best due to the overwork and cuts being imposed on us all - regular and TA alike. Regarding the KORBR, I feel sorry for them, like I do the Kingos, QLR and the Cheshires. They have turned all the North West county regiments into just one, although mainly Lancashire based if you count the Kings historical recruiting area, you have to feel like like Cumbria and Cheshire have been 'shat' on slightly!!

    The Green Howards, PWO and DWR had the best possible outcome - The Yorkshire Regiment is truly the last county regiment left in the army. Blair and Co have really screwed up now!!
  12. You have just made the world's best argument for those who wish to amalgamate and cut...
  13. How do you mean?
  14. I'd say it is stupid and selfish.

    What are the lads going to think when the Officers or SNCOs (depending on which your friend is) can't be bothered to get behind the new regiment?

    Severe bad form.
  15. What's happening to the Queens Div reference Amalgamations,what are they gonna be called ?