Kool Kats - the coolest characters seen on screen


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Jason King - Peter Wyngard was actually gay and known as Petunia Winegum in the industry (who cared little about these things)

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Apparently, on the gaydar metre he registered as an ‘11’.

I saw him in the flesh whilst on holiday in Bournemouth when I was about ten, he was standing next to a Jenson Interceptor (I was interested in the car). You couldn’t miss him, he was wearing outrageous rig, including a cloak! My old man pointed him out as a real lady killer (in hindsight, ladyboy killer more like). Jason King being a famous TV character at the time.
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Clint Eastwood as Clint Eastwood in every Clint Eastwood movie ever made!.....

Usually I would agree with you, however his latest offering, Cry Macho was a disappointment.