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Got an aging relative who's no good with computers and is a bit isolated/lonely?

Get one of these:

One knob to turn on/off and change the volume, that's it, no other controls at the users end. So they can't fiddle with it and screw it up. You control it via an app on your mobile.

Just got one set up for my Dad who has been really down since Mum died earlier this year. The sheltered housing he's in has been in lockdown and looks like it'll be going back into it soon, so being able to see him and more importantly, him see the family is great.

You can send texts and photos and adjust the length of time they are displayed for and how long the system retains them. If you know the name of the hub and it's password you can set it up before you take it to the user. Turned it on at home, set it up via our modem and added his manually. Sent invites to other family members for them to be connected as well. When I took it around to his flat and plugged it in, it found his hub automatically.

Only one slight down side - £40/month to rent. There again some folks pay that for a mobile and we've got the peace of mind that we can contact - AND SEE - him whenever we want. Also only one user can connect at any one time as they reckon multiple people on screen, like on Skype, can confuse the elderly. Basically it looks just like an old style TV.

Top product.

Edit: All the other family members have successfully been sent invites to join the network and joined. Now Brains is home from work she's trying to do the same. Have a wild guess as to how much of a meal she's making of it? FFS.
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