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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Shandy123, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. seeing as I'm about to go on my TSC a and b, and as I'm going Loggie, I will be getting a reduced set of webbing with the load carrying capacity of a field mouse's scrotum, I am looking into supplementing it with some privately bought/borrowed/begged pouches.
    Does anyone have experience of 'kombat' gear? I saw this one on amazon. Looks fairly capacious and God knows there's room for it on my PLCE belt.
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have (sorry had) a double one on my rig along with the issue utility pouch and water bottle pouch, so essentially 4 big pouches plus the ammo pouches at the front.

    To be honest it's nowhere near as sturdy as the issue pouches but does the job none the less. I wouldn't trust it with a full 58 pattern water bottle on a CFT though.
  3. shite ! not as cheap as webtex but not for anyone other than a cadet
  4. ok, cheers for the advice. Didn't know arktis were still around!
    In the short term a mate already in the unit i'm going to has come through and is going to loan me some buckshee issue stuff.
  5. i was also looking at some well-used (grade 2) stuff which press studs together, on ebay, called 'modular' or something?
  6. I think I'd hold off buying anything in dpm, seems a bit pointless
  7. cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200726860025
    This is the stuff, it looks quite well designed to me, but these particular ones look too tatty to pass muster to me.
    Anyone used them? Anyone know where they are available in better condition?
  8. I've got several full sets of the Kombat webbing, no complaints with the pouches at all but the link between the buckle and the belt is pretty weak, so if anyone considers those, replace it, or find a used issue yoke.

    But as I said, pouches are great. Clips are still going strong, and they're nice and roomy. Yes they're cheap, yes they're aimed at us in the ACF, but they're the best of the Webtex etc. ilk in my opinion. I've always had excellent customer service when I've ordered there as well (and no I don't work for them).
  9. I know, i thought the same thing but someone higher up the tree than me thinks it could be at least 2 years before we see mtp plce, maybe 1 year before we even get PCS, so it might be an idea to spend 20 to 30 shekels on a few pouches now, then get a decent rig when we finally get mtp rigs issued.
  10. Fair point, and there will always be someone willing to buy it on ebay afterwards
  11. Why not just wait until after training, find out what you think you need and then buy it then. Firstly if you buy cheaply you mostly buy twice. Secondly regular recruits can't just buy extra pouches etc to supplement those issued in training. Why not have a go at the whole one army thing, use what you are given and then buy loads of ally shit afterwards.
  12. 1. Your in training... Any RTC that allows you cut around in your own/bought kit is unprofessional. 2. Your a loggie, does your job role require you to look like a breconised infanteer. 3. If you are Gunna buy kit... I'd suggest buy grade 2 issue surplus stuff. Firstly you can hand it into the stores when it's broken. Secondly you know it's good quality and don't have to start bone threads like this.
  13. 1) I know what you mean, but they're still going to expect us to live in the field for a few days, and can that be done efficiently with one ammo pouch, one utility and one water bottle pouch? Its not my first time round and i'm coming from an infantry background, so i'll feel kind of naked with that rig!
    2) fair point. I imagine i'll be spending a lot of time trade training at first, so after I pass out, I shouldn't need a big rig. Having said that, there are opportunities to do junior brecon etc., as you advance, even in the RLC!
    3) is it really that bone a thread? I went to the largest (most dense?) concentration of British Army types on the net for advice on British kit. I have got some really useful advice and input (including yours).
  14. You will be expected to spend a short amount of time in the field and it will definitively be angry camping. As said you are in training so why not just suck it up for a short while. I'm sure you won't fall to pieces.

    By the time you get to do infantry type courses the kit will have changed significantly so it's not worth an outlay now