Kohinoor Peshawari Marhani curry

Try this curry sauce out, I do not usually do off the shelf curry sauces but came across it and tried it out “wow” best off the shelf curry sauce I have ever used, doing some further research on the web and the sauce is very highly rated.
Here goes
You can pick the sauce up at Home and Bargain and QD stores
Started off by cooking chicken breast pieces, marinated in lemon juice in a little olive oil.
6 minutes later after the chicken was sealed added a large chopped onion, 3 cloves of garlic crushed and 2 chopped small fiery chillies as the sauce only has a 2 star chilli rating.
After 10 minutes the onions were soft and the chicken well on its way, added the sauce and half a can of tinned chopped tomatoes. 10 minutes later on the plate.
Went back to Home and Bargain and purchased a box full.
well impressed I highly recommend you try it out.


There's a really good Indian restuarant in Newcastle called the Koh I Noor.

There's a ******* Indian restaurant in every town in the country called the Koh i Noor

It's an Urdu anagram for " My name is Charles, Microsoft have identified a problem on your computer and if you give your credit card details we will sort it out for you."
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