Koevoet Book Signing Event - Weds 20th July - 6.00pm

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by candleford, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. 'Shadow's in the Sand' - Leon Bezuidenhout and Sisingi Kamongo

    Former South African Policeman and military historian Leon Bezuidenhout is to reflect on his new work with Sisingi Kamongo at the London Club of the Rifles in July. 'Shadows in the Sands: a Koevoet Tracker's Story of an Insurgency War', is the story of a Kavango tracker who served for six years with Koevoet ('Crowbar'), the elite South African Police anti-terrorist unit. During the Border war of the '80's, most white team leaders lasted only two years; the black trackers walked the tracks for years. Leon tells of the 50 or so firefights Sisingi endured. Gripping and compulsive; this has to be heard.

    Places are limited, so to register your interest email; steve@30degreessouth.co.uk