Knuckle Press Ups?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Whiskey_60, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Following on from my thread (near the bottom)

    I need to try and avoid flat palmed press ups as much as possible.

    I've tried doing knuckle pressups this morning and I think I'm doing them wrong as I struggled to do them nearly as effectively as normal ones, I've had a poke around the net and people suggest to do them on the first two knuckles rather than all 4 (which I was doing). Does anyone have any experience with these that could shed some light on this?

    I'm also confused as to where your knuckles should face, straight forward or out to the sides?

    My last question is in doing pressups on your knuckles is it working any different muscles than the flat palmed ones? I don't want to train on my knuckles only to do a PFT and only be able to do 2 flat palmed pressups.

    As usual the guru expertise of Arrse would be greatly appreciated!

  2. knuckles at 45 degrees was most comfortable for me.....back in the day :)
  3. How do you only use two knuckles? I just tried, and for me it was all or none.
  4. No idea mate, the only references through google I found for these types of pressups are on martial arts websites/forums and that's what they suggest.
  5. Cheers Smudge, i'll have another crack at them that way.
  6. i do mine with my fists horizontal, i find that quite comfortable
  7. I'm intrigued as to why you say you NEED to avoid flat-palmed press-ups.

    Anyway, the basic principle is that if your (flat) hands are aligned to the direction of your body, the main task of lifting is done by your triceps. The more you move the tips of your hands inwards under your body, the more lifting work is transferred to your pectoral (chest) muscles. Ideally, you should try for a balance between the two sets of muscles.

    Doing press-ups on your knuckles involves the same basic principle as described, but it also automatically places your hands further to the rear than in a flat-palm position. The additional muscles you then need to stabilise this position and carry out the exercise are: your deltoid (shoulder) muscles (mainly the front and side deltoid sections) and your lower arm muscles. The disadvantage of having to place your hands further back is that only the lower section of your pectoral muscles are available for the lifting task. But like most things in life, it's a question of practice.

    Hope this helps.

  8. That helps alot thankyou.

    The reason I need to was as discussed in the link I provided, my Capitate keeps popping up out of place (minor dislocation). The bones been put back in place but when I do anything that involves putting weight on the heel of my hand (only on a very specific spot) I get a pain in my wrist, the same with tricep dips.
  9. Whiskey_60, if I may make a further suggestion: Try using three padded chairs for your press-ups. Two to rest your hands on and one for your plates. The advantages are: you can adjust your hand-position on the chairs to find a way to take the pressure off that spot, for instance placing the chairs well forward and taking the weight of your body mainly on the first palm-knuckles of your hands. In addition, the padding on the chairs goes a long way to helping avoid such pain.

    The second, decisive advantage is that you take both your pectoral muscles and triceps beyond the "end-stop" of push-ups carried out on the floor, thus reaching parts only Carling can.

    Best of luck, mucker.

  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer it on 3 fingers per hand or if you're a complete big girls blouse 5 fingers.
  11. You can do pressups without touching the floor with your hands?

    Are you magical? 8)
  12. He's been watching "You Don't Mess With The Zohan!" :lol:
  13. Doesnt press ups on your knuckles leave you open to conditions like arthritis, etc, in later life?
  14. That film is nothing short of amazing.

    Weluvtheraf - Probably!

    If anyones bothered I managed to get around this by working my wrist up to doing maxi-pressups the normal way. I started with getting down and doing 5 during adverts and when entering a new room In the house (t'was fun) then gradually built the amount up to 20, the pain is barely there now and I have to be careful otherwise my Capitate will pop out again but other than that business as usual!
  15. I injured my wrist years ago and found that doing yoga poses greatly strengthened my injury ... long after it initially healed, that is.

    Check with your doctor, but give it a try. The locust pose is most advantageous to strengthen wrists. You don't put your weight on them the same way. I hurt my wrist when I tried to break a fall whilst Ice skating, came down hard perpendicularly.

    My 2cents worth ...