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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by StabTiffy2B, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Howdy all.

    Quick question:

    Recently met a bird who did four years in an OTC. While there she said that she "got her pip".

    Would this make her a 'proper' TA Group A type Officer, is it a Cadet Group B type or something completely different?

    She intended going to Sandbags and had to start fresh. Would this be the same if she joined the TA or went off to teach Cadets?

  2. probably about as much an officer as you are an SO2 :)
  3. IIRC while at OTC you can do TACC and comission into the OTC as a Grp B officer, and then transfer to a TA unit (Grp A) when you leave, but if you wish to go regular you need to go to Sandhurst again even for the T'n'V course.
  4. Burned
  5. All TA officers attend the same commissioning course at Sandhurst whether they are from a Group A or Group B unit. OTC officers' commissions are published in the London Gazette as Group B. If a Group B officer joins a Group A unit they do not need to redo the commissioning course (they will probably be placed on some kind of 'probation' to make sure that they aren't a complete knob).

    With very few exceptions, TA officers who wish to become Regular officers must attend the full 44-week commissioning course at Sandhurst, and no concessions are made to their previous training or experience.

    I do not know what the requirement for cadet force officer training is but I'd imagine they have to undergo some child-specific training and have a police background check carried out.

    Hope that helps.
  6. how exactly? :)
  7. OTC Cadets do the same commissioning course at RMAS as all other TA officers but gain the rank of 2Lt Group B officers. There are a number of areas that they are not qualified in for example CBRN as it is not in the OTC syllabus. On completion of the TACC they then require to attend Module 5 training which is done at the RTCs. On completion of that training they can apply to transfer to a Group A unit where they would then conduct any special to arm training.
  8. I remember something in back of my head that Group B officers can be given local promotion(s) but still only holding the substantive rank of Lt.

    So, theoretically, she could now attempt to join the TA. Complete the CBRN module and then become a 'normal' Group A 2nd Lt?

    You're a kn0b.
  9. Sorry Corporal :)
  10. Yes she could. The dates and locations for Module 5 training can be found in Land GRO 17/06. If you are on MOD Intranet you can get it from the LAND Website.
  11. Fair enough. Cheers for the answers.
  12. Er, she doesn't need to attempt to join the TA does she? Since she's already a TA Grp B Officer. If there's been a gap between leaving the OTC and now she'll have probably resigned her commission? No idea what that throws up.
    Unless she transferred to the Grp B pool so to speak (I know A have one, not too sure about B)