Knowing When Its For You Or Not?

Ive Heard the first 6 weeks on basic training is meant to be the hardest if not then but anytime during your career theres gunna be bad days just like in civi life but how do you know when things just arnt right for you or your just having a shit day?
It took me about 17 years to realise the army wasn't right for me, but I'm a Geordie.

But in basic training, you won't have a clue if the army is for you or not. You'll be knackered both physically and mentally, frightened, and fucked around; you'll be suffering from home sickness and you'll miss your Mummy. Some lads can't hack this and may excuse themselves out, saying 'this is shit', and others will stick it and think the army is fantastic.

It's your call at the end of the day and if I had my time again, I'd still join up. Good luck.

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