Know your place!!

Although this is a term more commonly used for our female colleagues, I feel that it is also appropriate for describing our supporting arms and services within the British Army.  Admirably this site stimulates banter and debate, however some confusion seems to be arising about the hierachy within the Army.

Old Monty had the right idea when he said...

"The Infantry is the least spectacular arm of the Army, yet without them you cannot win a battle.  Indeed without them you can do nothing, nothing at all."

Therefore, REMFS...know your place!! :-*


War Hero
Well, well, well!!!

You must have a reason for feeling so strongly.  Perhaps you failed your Welbeck entrance test?  Or maybe as a Chippie-non-grad you have been turned down for RMCS.

You are definitely still at RD and are therefore a Subaltern.  Or maybe I'm well wide of the mark and in fact you are an OR.  Mind you, there is little difference in the infantry, is there you hooligan. 8)
     ;D Make Way For The Royal Regiment Of Artillery ;D

Monty may well have been right in what he said.  But he wouldn't have said it without Arty support.

                 Oh yes and then we send in you boys ;)

so know your place ;)
I'm afraid I have to agree by steiner but remember steiner with out the rest of us in the rear with the gear you couldn't do your job.
well said steiner. too many remfs on this site. us cav and inf have to stick together. and we dnt take women in our regiments either.
Logisticians are a sad embittered race of people, very much in demand in war but who sink resentfully into obscurity in peace.
They deal only with facts but must work with people who merchant in theories. They emerge in war because war is very much fact. They dissappear in peace because in peace war is mostly theory.
Generals are people who merchant in theories, who employ logisticans in war but ignore them in peace. Generals are a happily blessed race who radiate confidence and power, feeding only on ambrosia and drinking only nectar. They stride confidently in forward in peace, invading countries simply by sweeping their hands over a map.
In war they must stride more slowly because each General has a logistician on his back who may, at any moment lean forward and whisper 'No you can't do that.'
Generals fear logisticians in war and try to forget them in peace.
Romping alongside generals are strategists and tacticians. Logisticians despise strategists and tacticians - who in turn know nothing about logisticians, until they grow up and become generals (which they usually do).
Sometimes a logistican gets to become a general. And then he must associate with other generals who he hates, while listening to strategists and tacticians whom he despises, while on his own back he now has another logistican whom he fears.
This is why logisticians who get stars on their shoulders get ulcers in their bellies and cannot eat their ambrosia.

Logisticans authorship unknown source RMCdo Log REGT
yes but from the air can you actually occupy ground?

RAF/AAC didn't manage to occupy or pacify the nw frontier,the rhur,malay,borneo,aden,suez,falkland islands,kuwait,bosnia,kosovo, or Afganistan it has taken the PBI to go into the area.
The aim of all the Arms and Services is ultimately to get the Inf and Cav on to the enemy's position.  I agree in nearly all areas that they play an important role in doing so.  That is except for the RMP.  I've been thinking long and hard (which as you can imagine as a "Grunt", that's some acheivement!) and I really can't work out what these "monkeys" are meant to be doing!  Can anyone out there shed some light on this issue?

By the way, can anyone tell me why these people (RMP still)  have over the last few years been accumulating more and more items of black leather "equipment" on their "belts" as they waddle around aimlessly?  Are they trying to look like T J Hooker or is it Batman that they dishonour in this way?!
Steiner's right. I'm not Inf (you can probably guess what I am) but we're all here to support the Inf. Even the donkey wallopers. But you know what? Before I went Regular I did 6 years as a TA Infanteer and I got ******* TIRED of being sneered at by REMFs.

So, Inf boys, do your stuff. You're the mutt's nuts.
Super Slime,

At last someone who knows the truth!


For the love of God take that pamphlet out of your butt and get with the program. Yes we do need all the supporting arms (with the exception of the monkeys), but let's face it - without the infantry you would all be unemployed!!

Come on!!
See G3 snobbery.
Good try DM but do you really think that Steiner will get there on his own with those limited directions??
No; nor do I. He will probably need 3.000 signs, a driver who can drive for him, and probably someone else who can read a map too just in case (sadly some of the troops are so thick the signs are not always helpful). He can always stop at one of the many TPs and ask, there again, because he was too stupid to follow even the simplest of briefings about convoy procedures before he started his journey, chances are he will have to be stopped at the TP anyway; so he can always ask how far it is to the next sign and satisfy himself that its the same words or pictures that he has to follow until the next TP. Then when he gets to the location, he will really need to find out where the rest of his mob are; I guess a grid reference would probably scare him a little so, maybe he could ask at the info post. Helpful for him to know where the info post is anyway, for later on when he has "lost" his walkman, as he will want to tell someone won't he. Or of course he will need someone to tell when his oppos have had enough of his dross and given him a good hiding.......... Or when he is involved in a TA with a local he might want one of those monkey things. I dont know but whenever they turn up to things like that, never heard anyone complain. In fact it is only when the RMP arrest someone for doing "nothing" that they get a slagging. Personally, having been one for 24 years, Steiner, I ask the same questions as you. Just wish you grunts could read maps or follow road signs which have really big words on them, were forensically aware for peace Ops, could look after kit (yours and the army's), didnt want to punch people or smash things after 2 Becks, (fortunately all your drug abusing colleagues tend to be fairly peaceful), didnt have traffic accidents, had discipline in your units, did not beat wifes, children etc. Oh of course if we really had our way, me and you Steiner my old mate, and got rid altogether, I could be even happier at the thought of grunts locked away in foreign jails for, the most trivial offences with the chain of command being in the dark, and with no other option, (the Monkeys currently provide one), than jurisdiction resting with the host nation. I know that such matters will not be so relevant in war, (although discipline will still prevail), but lets face it mate how many wars you been to? In fact how many times you been anywhere outside ITC anywhere?
Regarding the black belts. Again my friend I agree with you. Unfortunately, some of the cr ap is forced upon people with H&S etc. There again, I remember the good old days when the infantry didnt have all the webbing that you have and certainly didnt have the protection of Warrior etc. Lets face it a lot of you are now Cav without the big gun.
P.S. How many DCMs you get in our last war? Sorry thats also a medal mate; look it up.
I still agree though, get rid of them. Then Tos sers like you and your mates will have nowhere to transfer to when you dont get the posting you like in the inf.
And finally, when I was a young un, I never had the requirement or the legislation (a big word meaning I had to) to wear a black belt with gadgets, I found a bardic across the back of the head worked.
To everyone else reading this (alone or to steiner) I apologise for stereotyping, was just trying to follow the thread.
I also apologise for typing errors and will modify soon!
nurses will never be unemployed ;D
Not like the infantry then. Great quotes from Monty earlier on must have been great in them days. Notice how often people like Steiner posts here? Apparantly he logs on each time he comes back from leave. He thinks working dress is Ron Hills, England top and army daps.
Not wanting to be too pedantic, or to pick up on your grammar, being obviously a spud-thick grunt, or so you'd like to think, but..
"Legislation", which isn't incidentally a big word, does not mean "you have to".  Isn't legislation the actual Act of Parliament / Regulation / Statute or other measure?  Surely it is the provision of said legislation which "legislates" (you'll find that that is a verb) what you do and do not have to do?

But then having had 24 years practicing within the law you'd probably know that already!

And another thing, if you'd been reading threads (as you obviously do in between fitting up our blokes) you'd realise that we are not especially fond of ridiculous webbing.  But then you probably knew that too.

Before I forget, have you actually seen a Warrior?  Because you either haven't or you fail your annual ITD as as far as I can see, they are pretty different.  But you prabably knew that too.  Ever tried reading any publication to do with the Army? You sem to know something about posting signs, so I presume you have at some point in your illustrious career.  However, try getting a little closer to the F ech then you will see that tanks are employed slightly differently to your average IFV (as no doubt several members on hosreback will let you know).

Incidentally, as for not being able to recognise signs.  You could at least try recognising formations.  Let me explain..
Last week an armoured BG (that's a pointy organisation designed for warfighting) was sent along the same route as the ARRC HQ, by your gang.  Obviously the 67 ton CR2 wasn't exactly suited to the MLC 10 bridge on the route.  But then you probably also knew that the ARRC HQ doesn't have CR2 in it.

Oh, and finally, your black webbing really does look gash!

Not quite finally, qualify our last war?  How many MCs did you get?  When was your last VC?
Never thought I'd say this, having been routinely persecuted by the po-lice in Bosnia (who seemed to think I'd go on patrol without minekit/rats/CBA etc in my wagon - freaks...), but we had a det of RMP attached to us in Macedonia before Kosovo kicked off, and they were worth their weight in gold. Stuff (as Tara mentions) like liaising with Macedonian cops (dodgy) when the dear, dear attached corps scum did their level best to get us kicked out of the country with their appalling non-infantry standards of discipline. Our coppers were flexible, hardworking and happy to take their lead in from the G3 chain of command. Had a lot of time for them. Equally, I recently had the chance to do some weapon handling with some RMP close protection geezers (I was indeed that bored) - again, extremely wilco and friendly. All they wanted was to be loved.
The main problem arises, methinks in routine garrison life when overzealous JNCOs and weak officers lose 'operational focus', and indeed make pests of themselves. Badly.
Fact is, when it comes to the ugly G1 stuff - kiddie fiddling, wife beating, rape/murder/bullying etc - I'd rather deal with the RMP than Civpol or, god forbid MODPLOD, who really are clowns.
More to the point, if any Infantry or Cav participants in this hold the Queen's commission, they'd do well to remember that we rely on hardworking Seniors who know their jobs inside out - of all capbadges, whether RLC bomb doctors getting rid of unexploded K115 (Milans to REMFs), or coppers like the Tara. These sweat encrusted warhorses turn into force multipliers of meteoric proportions when they're made to feel valued and part of the team.

So yeah - Infantry rule - but if we're to lead the way, let it be by example and not abusing those with a different calling.
Time to watch Platoon again.

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