Know Your Enemy - the Dark Lord Peter Mandelson

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Realising I didn't know much about him I checked out Wiki:

  2. From The Sunday Times, 25 April 2010:

    Sweet memories of Machiavellian Mandy

    Jokes at the leaders’ debates have been flatter than Labour’s poll ratings, so it’s been left to Peter Mandelson to provide the best laugh of the campaign by loftily accusing the Conservatives of “dirty tricks”.

    You’d think the good lord had learnt his own campaigning methods from the pages of The Lady, so it’s fitting that the current issue of the magazine reminds us of his kindly style. Rachel Johnson, The Lady’s editor, recalls a late night in December 1992 when she was eight months pregnant. Her future husband, Ivo Dawnay, was then a political reporter with the Financial Times and was working late, writing an unflattering story about Labour.

    Rachel was asleep when the phone went. “Hello, darling,” she trilled, sure that nobody else but Ivo would be calling so late.

    “This is Peter Mandelson,” came the sinister reply. “You can tell your boyfriend he’s dead.” Click.

    When it comes to dirty tricks, today’s Tories are amateurs.
  3. Funnily enough I did exactly the same yesterday after watching him being interviewed following the "Debate". While he was speaking he stared open eyed at the interviewer without blinking once. When George Osborne started talking he leaned in and stared at him too. Is it a gay thing? theatrical? or just childish? Whatever it is, it's hardly designed to induce trust or confidence. Reading the Wiki reminded me of what a lying parasite he really is... fiddling his mortgage, refusing to declare interests etc, twice booted out in disgrace and Brown still brings him back to head up his election campaign - one of the central themes being to "clan up politics". You couldn't make it up.
  4. What is more disquieting is the way that the media (particularly the BBC) suck up to him and hang on his every word. From Littlejohn (Yes, I know...) today:

    So where’s Mandy’s mandate?

    Peter Mandelson complained this week that the think-tanks criticising Labour policy weren’t standing for election.

    Neither is Mandelson, who last faced the electorate in 2001 before being forced to resign in disgrace for the second time.

    So what is he doing as election co-ordinator and why do the boys in the bubble keep taking dictation from him?
    Next time ‘Lord’ Mandelson turns up on TV dispensing his pearls of wisdom on the election, why doesn’t someone turn round to him and say: ‘And what the hell has it got to do with you?
  5. When you see his steely stare, you really could believe that there are reptiles, in human form, trying to rule rhe world
  6. Whenever I see the man or hear him speak he just creates this impression in my mind’s eye of a Machiavellian Medieval Court character time warped into the 21st Century . He is whatever else I or others may think about him very clever and articulate and almost certainly exceedingly dangerous , cut throat and scheming .

    A compliment … he does carry a suit well .

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  7. To twist a paraphrase from Tolkein, "He looks fair but feels foul"
  8. msr

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  9. Hmmmm..... 8)


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  10. Yeah, I did the same when I read that bit.
  11. Alsacien

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    I cannot even listen to him anymore without wanting to spray machine gun fire at the telly....I've got to admit though, he is the master of his craft.....
  12. Thanks msr .... Machiavellian ...not a word I use very often .... I tried using Google to find a near match but gave up .
  13. .......stick a small dark tash on his upper lip, and what do you get....
    any austrian ancestry?
  14. Peter Mandelson, as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and then one of the most senior and influential figures in the Blair Government, speaking to an Irish radio audience in March, 2000, ridiculed the Household Division as: "you know, lots of chinless wonders with bright scarlet uniforms, you know, playing and marching around

    Remember, he hates us just as much as we hate him!!
  15. Again, they really, really don't like us!!!