Know your enemy; Socialist Hierarchy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RangeStew, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Seen here:

    1. Evil Controllers, drunk on power, convinced of their own righteousness. Nasty, vicious, vindictive bastards with grudges. No humour. Corrupt. Authoritarian. Bigoted. Extremely dangerous. Responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS. Detroys anything and everything that they do not understand or can control. Brown, Draper, Mandelson, Stalin, HAL-9000

    2. Champagne Socialists. Love to tell people how much they care, whilst eating fois gras. No real power other than that bestowed on them by Evil Controllers. Typical BBC types, Guardian readers, public sector management, social Services heads of department. Love telling other people how to live their lives and completely f*cking it up. Aromatherapists driving new Volvos. Typical New Labour. Toynbee, Shoesmith, Street Porter, Lenny Henry, Jo Brand.

    3. Bolshy Oiks. Most of Liverpool and the North. Jealous of everyone and everything, yet grabs/steals/pilches everything they can. Wishes they had the brains to be entreprenureal, so "acquires" as much as possible whilst never "selling out". John Prescott for example. Proports to speak for the working man whilst picking his pocket at every opportunity. People who sell hamburgers for £4 from filthy vans on the A1. Never wash their hands after taking a sh*t. Skinner, Chairman of local working mans club, the fat bloke with the dog in Braintree town centre.

    4. Airheads. Students who think that if you give an African a dollar, they won't demand your entire wallet. Vegetarians, greens, eco warriors. All for the "commune" until THEIR packet of Quorn goes missing from the fridge. Usually supported by the State and/or parents. Grow up to be Surveyors or Champagne Socialists. Swampy. Most of Oxford/Cambridge

    5. Ethnic Socialists. Pretend to be socialist whilst sticking steadfast to their own agenda ie. I am special, f*ck everyone else, I want it all for ME, it is my RIGHT as a Hutu, Rasta, Somali, Muslim, BNP Trade Unionist, disabled, woman, lesbian/gay, shirt lifter, Aboriginal artist. Dianne Abbot, Lee Jasper, anyone with anything to do with Stephen Lawrence. Alibi Brown

    6. Useful Idiots. Currently 18% of the population who would vote for a pig with a red rosette because Dad was a Labour man. The Welsh for example.

    Bastards, one and all.
  2. HAL was innocent!
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  4. Gladio's existence is a matter of historical record, as is its infiltration by neo-nazis, particularly in Italy. Your assertion that Searchlight is state controlled is not.

    There are bigger fish to fry than this, and I say that as a great admirer of Airey Neave.

    EDIT: and by the way, fcuk off you BNP troll. Airey Neave fought your kind and you sh1t on his memory just as surely as the loony left.
  5. I agree - HAL wasn't mad, but he was the only one on the ship who REALLY understood the mission.

    Personally I'd rather have HAL900 running the country than Brown and his misfit menagerie.


  6. You left out Intellectual Purists - who love sophism more than they love socialism - just! Relish debate over decision or doing. Educated in public schools, like their children, and on full grants in the good old days. despises aristocrats but miss their doctoral or professorial title and stand by! you could be killed in the rush when OM or CH honours being doled out. No practical consideration can deflect them. Milliband family all guilty.
  7. Am I in an episode of Ashes to Ashes? Socialists are back to being our enemy? I thought it was dusky men with bad breath, flip flops and a large collection of head stored tea towels?
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Cuddles I see we despise the same set, change the rules if they dont suit themselves until they do and ensure they can exclude anyone who doesnt fit their bill! :x
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Where the fcuk have you been? Have you not seen the socialistas destroying our freedoms, privacy, nation-state, independence, armed forces, democracy and economy?

    That makes them the enemy, because they seek to destroy what has taken hundreds of years, millions of lives, trillions of pounds to build (not to mention our gold reserves).
  10. I'm afraid Socialists aren't the enemy at all. Socialists (not to be confused with dictatorial State Capitalists, as in all the former Iron Curtain countries) would very much like a fairer society for all. The operative word being "ALL".

    The real enemy are the Capitalists and the gobments they put in power to prevent any change to the (for them comfortable) status quo.

  11. where do the bankers who somehow managed to screw over everybody and swan off laughing :D

    tony blair is many things but not a socialist
  12. You are righ BH.

    Parliamentary socialists are not socialists of any sort. New Labour is not a socialist party. Old Labour never was either.
  13. Are we talking about the people who gave me free milk as a kid in the school playground? Thank God Thatcher came along and realised the treacherous socialist bastards were undermining the purity of the free market system.
  14. However, both New Labour and Old Labour have communist roots. And if you take a look at the country as it is at present, you can see the communism element coming through.