Know Your Enemy! [Printable!]

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Proximo, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. Yes I know it should have gone to the 'Tinternetz Pix and Much Lolzz!11!' thread... ;)


    Print one off for your workspace, folks - and remember to stay alert...

    Irony - like 'coppery'...but with iron...
  2. Every chance I am being a mong here mate,but where is the link?
  3. Errrrrmmm...can you see the picture?
  4. No mate :? :? Could be the Nazis at work I suppose :oops:
  5. Whichever arrsehole thought that one up is doing people in purple no good by including MOD-like logo.

    Please junk this .... and you're a moderator ??. Shame on you
  6. Hmmm....can't help you there old chap - but this is for your workplace NAZIs!


    For Great Justice!
  7. the small teensy-weeny writing at the bottom, you patronising little sh!t.

    Or stay the fcuk out of the NAAFI. Dickhead.
  8. Or could I now be the subject of my very own...?


    I'll be in the corner on the edge of my seat.

    Note for anyone else who has knees that jerk uncontrollably:

    Take it to PM if you must. Is this the NAAFI or what?
  9. Irony - well understood by those who want to make mischief out of everything. And who are quite able to crop the poster.

    Stick your own name and address on it if it's so fcuking clever, not the corporate logo. Patronisising you say ... you know what patronising is, don't you?.
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Shame Shame Shame on you whiffler. Get a fcuking sense of humour.
  11. I agree, it's absolutly disgusting that anyone could consider using such a downright terrible and misleading thing as a MOD-like logo. No good can come of it, just how low can a person stoop, MOD-like logo's are such a bad reflection of the purple types, nice poster by the way, printing one up now.... :)
  12. Hilarious, until one of the lurking journalists on here get hold of it. How we will all laugh. :roll:
  13. Hilarious, until one of the lurking journalists on here get hold of it. How we will all laugh. :roll:
  14. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Look some of the stuff in here is really quite nasty. If you are easily offended - DO NOT ENTER.

    I am sure I have seen that somewhere before.
  15. Which is precisely the part a journo from a sh*t sheet will leave out of their piece.