Know more about Pre-Para?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sarge_massage_my_passage, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Sorry if this has been done before, it probably has....

    I'm not an Infanteer, but have a good standard of fitness, and am becoming increasingly interested in attending P Company.

    I've read a bit about the 8 tests in a week required for P Company, but I don't know much on the 2 and a half week Pre-Para.

    Anyone shed some light? and not just "you get thrashed over North Yorkshire", more specific please so I can concentrate my training on those activities.

  2. Be prepared for a beat up phase with your own Corps or Regiment too, known as the Unit Preparation Course held in Colchester.

    The Pre-Para course consists of lots of tabbing at speeds well in excess of normal BCFT pace!

    You will "practice" the same tests that are on test week eg, log run, stretcher, steeplechase etc and may be given an intro to milling.

    The pre para is a severe shock to the system and to be honest I found it harder than actual test week itself.

    There was also a fair bit of cross country type running.

    So to sum up you "get thrashed over North Yorkshire".
  3. Indeed. Instead of 8 miles in 2 hours,you get to do 10 in 1.50.
    Work on your running as well. Not so much BFT,but 6-7-8 miles.
  4. This was the Para list

    10 Mile March
    Log Race
    2 miler
    Endurance March
    Stretcher Race

    Dont know if all arms is the same

    Are you in the forces at the moment?
  5. Yeah, RLC. Not the most glamorous Corp I know.

    Cheers for the other bits of advice
  6. The Pre para course is a lot harsher than P coy it's self. The thinking behind it is once you get to Catterick, the course seems somewhat easier... TOSH! It's all 'kin hard!!!

    When I done P Coy 2004, my BFT time was 7.26 and I THOUGHT I could tab at a fair old rate, the speed at which the pre para (R.SIGS) course was taken was lightening quick, the shortest tab (the first one, day two) being 8miles in just under 1 hour 20 min, this is however, slightly quicker than the speed of P Coy its self and you can tell. Gym sessions are a nightmare and then some with the 'rest' stations on circuits involving burpees / squats / med ball press / med ball basketball hoops, anyone found slacking was in the middle burpeeing for what seemed like forever.

    You have to run everywhere so make sure your ready, covering 6 - 8 miles each day will get you ready for this but throw in a good load of intervals too, and practice high speed tabs. Aim for 5 mph with 45lbs and try carrying a scaffolding pole to reflect the weight of a weapon, it will get you used to being off balance too. For endurance use a heavier weight, maybe upto 55lbs but cover large amounts of very VERY hilly ground.. cross contours at every opportunity.

    At the end of the day, don't get yourself down and remember it will all be over in two hours at most (10 miler) then you can shower, eat, drink and chill the fcuk out.

    Hope this helps fella, good luck

  7. Its easy !!! Just get fit and block it out your mind when your there.
  8. is it possible to fall off the trainasium or have h+s put nets up everywhere? saw a few nets on videos ive seen of it.
  9. Yes it is.
  10. Yes, I did!

    I just got a bad neck and was back after a week or 2, another guy was not as lucky, he broke both his legs on the superman jump, got his feet caught in the net or something. It's mental, not difficult. (Unless your fkd with 'man' flu ( 8O ) like i was)
  11. It is possible mate, the tranasium is all about self confidence at the end of the day. With the fun police whacking nets here, there and everywhere you wouldn't get the same warm, wet feeling knowing if you fall, that could be it, and if not, your definately going to injure something!!!
  12. It's only pain ... ! 'kin' lunatics, all of you!
  13. Yes it is and i have demo'd falling off it too show the nets work not that anyone really falls off the run around anyway, the superman punch is where you are most likely too fall off.
  14. I always thought that the nets were there to catch young joes after they've been thrown off after bottling it on an obstacle! the threat "get across those fu@%$g beams or i'll come up there and throw you across" always seemed a genuine threat from the Depot staff! I knew quite a few lads who had ended up breaking ankles/ legs on the trainasium. Like Sandy said they more often than not seem to happen on the superman punch. and just to add my ten pence worth for the thread author, the log race and stretcher race has got to be the worse events in my book, but none are easy.
  15. I'd second what sneaky_turd said with regards to the hardest part of the course, the log run ruined me, as did the stretcher race. I never knew I could resemble such a large sack of snot in such a relatively short amount of time!!!

    Still it was all worth it for the extra pay... ???