Know anyone Famous? A,B,C,or Z List

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by dance_with_the_devil, May 6, 2006.

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  1. Do we in the Armed Forces get a chance to rub shoulders with the "the rich and famous"?
    Once had a pal whos sister was a page three model in the late 90's, always tried to get her to come to the Battery Do's etc, but to no avail Bugger! :(
    Currently 0A (The other half) occasionally gets Ronnie o'Sullivan in to use the gym facilities where she works. :lol:

    Come on the Army Rugby Team :lol: see you at the Cabbage Patch! 8O
  2. My best friend and best man at my wedding is Nicky Weaver Man City Goalie
  3. I hade an eniba vest as best mate - he tours with me with the odd dent!
  4. If I didn't know you better DanceWTD I would have thought that you were a journo scumbag trawling for sordid tales of celebs getting their 'o' rings busted by hairy arrsed gunners.

    Do I know any famous people? Hmmm.

    Jodie Kidd
    Oliver Reed (yes, I know he is dead but he lived near to me and we had the odd pint together. Well more of the case of him drinking and me sat nearby listening in total awe to his tales.)
    The Cheeky Girls (the shame! and I am not a LibDem either)
    Daryl Hannah (very nice lady)
    Adrian Brody (part time actor, Oscar winner and full time arrsehole)

    Met Hugh Heffner a couple of times at parties at his house (now over a year ago). Ron Jeremy (porn star) - great bloke and very sharp indeed. A friend of mine introduced me to Madonna a couple of months ago. Not too weird but her accent makes my knuckles itch.

    Eerrrrmmm. Thats it I think.
  5. i once met brian clough in sainsburys, does that count?
  6. Sainbury's in Derby IIRC.
  7. robbie fowler, john barnes
  8. i was lucky enough to be based where a lot of filming took place in london (Royal Arsenal woolwich).

    Whole cast of Londons Burning and got a look-see round the sets
    Lettia Dean (of eastenders fame ) when she was in something called " hello girls" nice lady sat and had a brew and cake with her.
    Got on to the closed set of a pop video band called, "Suncream". didnt speak to the lead singer just drooled from behind a curtain as she pranced around naked for her video.
    Brad Pitt he is even shorter in real life, but nice enough for a septic.
    Former Charlton manager Lenny Lawrence at a christening (gave it all that "do you know who i am") total munter.
    Teddy Sheringham on holiday with his son (nice bloke sat with me and my mates and had beer).
    I now work in main building so have a few Z listers in residence:)
  9. I was on a plane today sat next to the Bald Italian Referee who's name escapes me and I met David Gest this morning in London, very odd looking but funny man
  10. Pierre Luigi Collina: the boggle eyed Italian lunatic referee.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I virtually hang around with a group of fellows that are in the press every couple of weeks.... ;)
  12. I know Ruth Jones (the Welsh Barmaid from Little Britain) and went to her 40th so met Rob Brydon who was very entertaining (and short)
  13. Nearest Sainsburys to me is frequented by Paul O'Grady and Julian Clarey.

    Both fine upstanding men!
  14. It would be churlish to name names but:

    Have worked with A listers.
    Have been to the Sahara with B lister's C list Daughter. (She's lovely really, she's class A1 in real life)
    My neighbour is a Z list hairdresser. Thouroughly nice and staightforward girl though!

    Hate to think what list I'm on!
  15. You were in Red Dwarf?