Know any good accommodation in the Lakes?

.Dolly and I are going to have a bash at Striding Edge and need somewhere to stay, ideally round the Patterdale / Glenridding area.

Here's the catch though, it needs to be dog-friendly, to a very well-behaved mutt, and be within stumbling distance from a good public saloon :-D

We're looking to go in the last weekend in April so if anyone can help or point us in the right direction that would be great!

Edited to add: If you have any non-doggy accommodation suggestions too that would be uber handy :-D
Stayed at a place called Michaels Nook at Grasmere in 2001. Seem to recall seeing mutts about the place. Company paid, though, and I suspect it was pricey.
For Striding Edge, Glenridding Youth Hostel is pretty good - decent bar, reasonable food and it is dog friendly. It's quite a trek out of the village though, about 15-20 minutes - though there is a pub halfway!

Further afield, the Britannia Inn is always a good bet in the Lakes (though not a good spot to attack Hellvellyn from).

Try this they do cabins that sleep 2-6, stayed there last August, right at the bottom of Helvelyn so very handy. The steamer is only 1/4 mile away so very nice to take that to Howtown and walk back to the accommodation (about 7 mile walk). We enjoyed where we stayed so much that we booked the same week again on our last day there.
A tent?? You pooftah!
if that is the case I can't wait to tell the family we aren't going to be in a cabin this year but we'll now be in a shell scrape and will have to smear animal droppings on our faces... :D
Stybech Farm has various accomodation. (NY 3185 1844)

Have used the Camping Barn for the last 2 years - dog friendly, within walking distance of Helvellyn (opposite side to Patterdale though) and 15 minute walk to a pub.
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