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  1. Which knots are most useful? I'm thinking of the command tasks and maybe having to fix two planks together, what is the best way to do this. Any ideas for this or other knots people have found useful?
  2. Without wanting to sound flippant tie any knot that will hold it! When tying planks together it's just as important to make sure the rope has been passed around a number of times to ensure the planks are held firmly together. Having said that, if you have the inclination a couple of useful (and easy knots) to learn are a bowline, clove hitch, sheet bend and figure of eight. These will all come in handy in day to day life.
  3. You don't tie planks together, you lash them, so learn a few lashings
  4. There is a joke in there about tying planks together and lashing them, but I am not going to fall into that trap, oh no, not this time.
  5. You are shown (or at least I was) the reccommended and appropriate lashings during the command task ex's during your briefing prior to main board.
  6. Briefing teaches you the 2 knots you will need for Main Board.
  7. This is the Army not the Navy ! Nothing fancy is needed at AOSB.
  8. a knot and two half hitches.
    a granny knot
    a reef knot.
    a bow line.

    and lashings of lashings.

    above four are dead simple though
  9. Clove hitch
    Figure of 8 (also on a bight of rope to form a loop)
    Reef knot.
    Learned in about 5 minutes 30+ years ago, used regularly since.
  10. Thanks all! The planks are usually one on top of the other as I recall, so not sure about lashing! I'll have a go!
  11. Learn the Trucker's Hitch as well, very good for producing a very tight rope.
  12. I would comment but I won't. :wink:
  13. Best knot :p
  14. :lol: :lol: