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hi all, when i was 16 i got knocked back from the army due to having psoriasis when i was a kid.
im 24 now and ive never had it since and ive re-aplied for the army through the internet but worried i might get knocked back again.
What i need to know is do they keep records of all aplications as ive not put ive applied before!
And is there a good chance i could get in with a letter from my doctor saying my condition is not likely to come back?
cheers for any help
of course they check.
I'm not sure about the records, but I can say that I have very mild dermatitis/eczema on side of thighs and they accepted my application, had my interview and awaiting a date for selection, hopefully within the next couple of weeks *fingers crossed*.

Your condition *could* come back under stressful conditions as I believe psoriasis doesnt actually 'go' but can be controlled with creams and such.

If your doctor confirms that you are fit for service then there shouldnt be a problem, but see what your doctor says, it all depends how severe your psoriasis is.
yea psoriasis can come back under extreme stress but can be controlled like you say, but the army never checked my medical records it was me that said i had it( how stupid can you get! i was 16 tho) so if they check my records it could say it was mild which it was.
but if i was to be knocked back because of that would a letter from the doc do?
im worried about not having put ive aplied before tho
Talk to your doctor as they will know this better than I, but if it's very mild or your doctor confirms your clear then you shouldn't have a problem.

If your worried about not stating you applied before, blame it on server side errors and so forth but I really don't see a problem they will hardly treat you like muslim nut-job for not stating that.

again, make an appointment with your doctor asap.
dibviking said:
What i need to know is do they keep records of all aplications as ive not put ive applied before!
Doesn't show much integrity now does it?
Cheers for the advice UberSoldat im just desperate to get in and cant be getting knocked back for a shitty thing like a flakey elbow scab when i was 8! i cant explain how much i need this!
so i`ll check in with my doc 1st thing mon.
The army probably will check your medical records.
Be honest and tell them the whole story. You will look like a stupid lying cnut if your previous application is on file.

If you haven't had any outbreaks as an adult it might not be a major obstacle to your enlistment. Speak frankly to your recruiter and state your case. If you look like a good potential recruit he might quietly 'advise' you to say nothing to the doctors.

Although much has changed basic training may still be quite stressful; no sleep, intensive exercise, beastings, impossible deadlines, lots of shouting and screaming etc. :D If you go to Iraq or Afghanistan it will be stressful. You need to think about that in relation to your psoriasis and whether it could trigger an outbreak.

Good luck anyway.

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