Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by oldarmr, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi
    Can anyone recommend a good field knife for an relatively new deer hunter. Ive seen the ads, bushwear,Heinnie Haynes etc. just wondereing if anyone had any recommendation from personal experiance.

  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Honestly mate save yourself a fortune especially with lost knives, buy a Frost Klipper, you can get them in Orange so you cant lose them and they have a great guarantee. Mine cost about a fiver. I have some nice knives but the most used one is a 4 inch folder by mamoth.
  3. There's a cheapish rubber-handled folder by Buck that does me for everything I need. You also have the amusement of the leaflet from Buck about how they made Jesus their CEO.

    Web Page Name
  4. Guns for show, knives for a pro....

    Get a samurai sword, then you can hunt the deer "mano el mano".
  5. I bought one of those mail order from Hennie Heyes (Sp?) but sent it back it was rubbish. The company were fine about it and I would use them again - just didin't rate the knife.

    These are good.
    I bought a kit and made my own but the blades are excellent. I've seen them for about £35 in some shops.

    Ugly's right about a cheap utility knife but if you want something that's good and looks good I could recommend these.
  6. Go with a Frost Clipper. They are about £10 each and are excellent knives (it's what the Forestry Commission issues their stalkers)
    Good solid knife, takes an excellent edge, and if you lose it, you aren't worried about the cost.

    Attleborough Accessories has them in blue or daygo and I usually buy a couple at a time.

  7. In my bag/pouch a Mora rigid £6 ( the plastic scabbard is poor -IMO)

    In my pocket a FOX folder £24.

    Both take a good edge and perform well.

    Of the 2 the Mora gets the most use.
  8. Don't confuse the lad.
    Frosts of Mora is one company
  9. Thanks Scratch, never knew that, I just went by the marking on the blade.
  10. May I recommend this retailer:

    As already mentioned, the Frost range at £10-12 will see you right if you're worried about losing one, otherwise some of the others really 'look the part' without going down the expensive custom-made route 8)
  11. I would also recomend the mora clipper, but get the stainless steel one; it takes a little bit more effort to maintain an edge but you can put it and the sheath in the dishwasher to keep the hygene level (the carbon version is easier to sharpen but will rust in the wash.

    For a quality knife you can't do better for the price
  12. Another vote here for the Clipper, excellent knife for disposable money.
  13. Get a hatchet. Good enough for injuns good enough for me.

    Useful in Bradford.
  14. Thanks for all the advice.
    I now own two clippers courtesy of
    Even sent them air mail to germany, recommended.