Knives, sabres,swords and other cutlery you collect

I was wondering,after the gun-nut thread, if there are any knife,swords and the like collectors out here,be they issued or self purchased.
I'm not a collector myself but it's just out of sheer interest.

Post yours please gents! :)
I've got a 1918 Wilkinson Sword bayonet off a Lee Enfield, but that's about it. Picked it up in Kabul off a market for a few shekels and had a word with the security staff at the airport to see if I could get it through as a memento, and they agreed to let me. As I say, I don't really collect them but I thought it might come in handy one day as a gift to someone, or to sell for a few quid.
I think they are only worth about £50-£80 on a good day, they're not very rare.


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I still have my KFS, complete with little arrow 8)

edit to add:

Just checked - dated stamped 1967 so can't have been my original set, must have "acquired" along the way.
I have a US M7 bayonet, which, I was reliably informed by the bloke who sold it to me, was used in the Vietnam War. Complete with M8A1 sheath.

Editted to add: of course I believed him, and paid a huge amount of money for it as a result :D


I have a very large collection of stainless steel teaspoons collected from the various places I have visited. Not the puffy ones with a picture on the handle, proper restaurant and cafe spoons some with the business name stamped on them.
For the record I never even considered doing the same with the silver cutlery, that would be wrong.
I have just bought my first ceramic knife.

If it is any good then it might be the start of a collection, or probably just another gadget to sit in the kitchen drawer along with the other "good idea" things in there.
Recently started a bayonet collection that consists of the L85 Bayonet, No4 'Pig Sticker' I believe it was called and lookingfor a reasonably priced SMLE bayonet, can see a theme there cant you
Quel coincidence! Been clearing out all those souvenirs of the years, plus some dogy collections, and I see I have:

1 x Kukhri - chunky bit of steel, needs cleaning, wooden scabbard. How do you check its provenance?
1 x imitation USAF survival knife I suspect mit sharpening stone - anyone want one?
1 x Army survival knife from the 60's/70's in original issue box - hands off shes mine!
1 x WW1 patt SMLE bayonet
1 x Canadian pattern matchete 44 dated


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