Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by HarrogateSeptember2006, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. If i take a small folding knife to Harrogate with me in September will i be immediately noted as a psychopath. I was told by a friend that a good fold knife is a must when out on exercises but i dont want to give the wrong impression. Thanks HS2006

    Any, and all, urine removal welcomed.
  2. Just a normal sized Lock Knife will be fine,all though you will come across the bloke who think's it's a good idea to tip up with a Rambo Knife,these type of bloke's end up being given effectionate little nickname's by the Training Team such as Tw@t or C*ck !
  3. A small penkife, sturdy too, will see you alright. Just be sure it has a good strong blade that is sharp and the casing is strong. You don't really need much more after that.

    Be warned though, you may not be allowed to keep it with you for the first 1/2 term or term.
  4. go for a leatherman or gerber , more usefull
  5. Our OC training Wing used to walk about with a machete on his belt. Didmt really look lik a prat - not much foliage on Ripon Bank
  6. Decent Swiss Army Job -Spartan is a good example, Big blade & Little blade. All you'll need.
  7. Best knife I had was one of the no longer issued clasp knifes. Still in good nick and over 25 years old now.
  8. you need the biggest knife you can find fella you will need it.
  9. six inch lock knife be kept at home until Permanent Staff say its okay to bring it. Probelm Solved.
  10. As said above, you'll be better off with a Leatherman or a Gerber IMHO.
  11. 6 inches?!?!?!? what the ****, are you a jihadi?
  12. As previously mentioned get a multi tooooooooool such as the gerber,leathermans (tips break off the pliers too easily on those) or swiss army jobby my swiss army was a good old one so sharp i sliced my fingers in the shop before buying it, untintentionally of course. It was so good some tw*t stole it from me
  13. my god, are you thinking you might have to reach someone's internal organs? They give you bayonets for that you know.

    Swiss or Gerber or Leatherman as stated by others. Anything else is just silly.

    Mind you, don't forget the all-importand grenade ring-pull attached to the zip of your smock, I promise, they won't think its childish at all.
  14. They wont think you are a phsycopath if you take a clasp knife ,
    however they will if you decide to bin the army for the sake
    of a 16 year old girl who doesnt know what ''THE PILL'' is .
  15. I used to slag blokes off you used to wear Leatherman/Gerbers as posers, one of them once said "once you get one you will find a use for it everyday"

    He was bloody right an' all, got a super leatherman form a PX for buttons and never looked back