Knightsbrige Barracks To be put up for Sale!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Styron, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Well at least the clientele at the Paxton's Head will be going in for just a pint then.
    Allegedly, ahem.
  2. Northolt would surprise me. Everything from RAF Uxbridge has recently moved there and they have also recently completed an extensive renovation.
  3. That's the first sign that somewhere will close. If you get your runway resurfaced, you're****ed.

    Shame that we're letting things like KB go whilst the HAC's overrated but massively valuable site survives. If we're going to sell off the family silver shouldn't we hold a garage sale first?
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  4. Isn't that because Armoury House & the grounds belong to the HAC, not the MoD? Stone Buildings where 68 Sig Sqn have their Officers' Mess also belongs, in trust, to the Unit as the MoD found when they tried to flog that off.
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  5. Given the revenue that RAF Northolt raises from commercial flights I would be very suprised if it went.
  6. Indeed it does, so you can keep your chippy paws orf my lawn.
  7. fixed that for you,if there's even a hint it could raise some bribe money for 2015,it will be sold more than likely to the bloke that call me dave fagged for at eton.
    yes it may mean kicking the lads out of brand new slam,but i'm sure they can stick a few portakabins up some where or recycle a few corimecs.
  8. Theory: Some politico's property developer mate has promised said politico a seat on the board for around 200K a year. "Of course, old chap, the directorship would only be available if operations were expanded, and well, the RAF don't really need to actually own Northolt anymore, they could lease space from us as needed. And it would be better if they refurbed it to their standard and taste prior to us buying it at a pittance then leasing it back to them at a fee so high the place is paid for within five years".
  9. Northolt is safe as long as the Royal Flight and high priced Commercial flights keep using it. It is also the new "hub" for all things BFPO.

    Knightsbridge should be retained - although it should also be opened up for more general use by serving personnel who are visiting London.
  10. Sorry if this is a bone question, but, if the sale of KB goes ahead then where would this leave the HCMR, are there other barrack's in London with the capacity for them and their horses? As stated, sorry if this is a bone question!!
  11. Er, no that would be about par for the course.
  12. Northolt is the politically convenient solution to providing a third runway at Heathrow, notwithstanding the obvious difficulties e.g. the fact that the runway is not aligned with Hetahrow's and so would make some controlled approaches in cloud and/or bad weather tricky (think minimum separation distances); however, when has this ever stopped anyone?
  13. Perhaps co-located with the King's Troop RHA at Woolwich? The horses will be knackered by the time they walk to Horse Guards each morning though!
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    I clicked on to see this thread and lo and behold a banner ad for "MOD Auctions" was at the top of the page......