Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Printer, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. Forgive my ignorance but I thought a knighthood was the Norm to be given out to the commander of a formation, after an Operation where so many acts of valour including one VC had been awarded?
    He only got a CBE is that right? after all you can get a knighthood for rowing boats these days
  2. Who gives a monkeys WHAT the Commander gets ? After all he/she is only doing their job, which I might add they get more than compensated for in Pay and Entertainments allowances, clothing grants, free trips to various Unit dinners etc etc.

    The guys and girls who are paid a tuppence for their efforts day in day out are the ones who deserve recognition, So the next time the government looks into it's honours and awards system it should look at why it scrapped things like the BEM for the MBE which made it EVEN more difficult for soldiers to earn ANY recognition compared to their Officer counterparts.

    Nuff said on that little rant !!!
  3. Shandyswiller, I think you've posted in the wrong place, mate. Either than or it's not shandy it's diesel.
  4. jockmod - Well said. Cant agree more - I know of a few guys who had done EXACTLY the same job with the same level of commitment yet honours have been dependent on who wrote them up!

    I know of one guy who wrote his own - now there's a thought, or maybe not.
  5. After GW1 the guys seconded to HQ SEPTICS were given multiple choice/auto-citation things to fill in. For example "Were you at any time in danger of a stapler, hole-punch or Scud missile?" "How many meals did you miss?" "On how many occasions were the cokes cold enough for you?"

    According to the boxes you ticked, your Septic gong would be "calculated", so an Army Commendation Medal here and a Silver Star there et cetera. Chicken oriental way to run a knocking shop or what??
  6. The BEM (Gallantry) was scrapped for the Queens Gallantry Medal (QGM)

    It was the standard/civil BEM that was Incorporated into the MBE
  7. I think you may be missing the point slightly Mike. The QGM is open to ALL ranks. I was merely stating that due to the hierarchal system of the military, and indead most public sector work, it is nigh on impossible for one of the lowly unwashed to be PROPERLY recognised with an award greater than the MBE.
  8. Jackmod,

    Your chippy attitude is dreadful. I agree that those who operate at ground level do deserve as much chance of recognition as anybody else, as it is often them getting shot at/down and dirty. You don't seem to realise that those in command (including SNCOs+WOs) are not just doing their job but are constantly going the extra mile to ensure many things, including soldiers' safety, welfare, ammo etc etc is in place at the right time and place. In fact they are often doing this un-noticed late in to the night to make sure they get it right.

    Missed out on the last list did you?
  9. I don't believe he is including the SNCOs & WOs in his post, seems to me it was aimed at the top echelons and quite rightly so. Good on you Jock.
  10. Please make your mind up JockMod. First you say that scrapping the BEM made it more difficult for soldiers to be recognised and now saying soldiers should get more that an MBE?

    The scrapping of the BEM was done precisely to remove the distinction of the MBE being an 'Officer Only' award and therefore devisive. I know of a sack load of SNCOs (and even an AGC Pte Sldr!) with the MBE.

    Yes, some people are better at writing citations than others and some do slip through the gaps but people tend to get what they deserve.

    OBE and above tend to only go to those in command on Ops and seriously achieving staff officers. Not easy things to get by any means and tend to be deserved.
  11. Geordie,

    Therefore your point is that above the rank of WO, nobody puts in extra hours for the boys (and girls)!? I'm not senior but have seen enough of them to know that they work very hard to get things right. You probably haven't noticed as you are too busy moaning when things have gone wrong instead of helping out, therefore avoiding the responsibility and pressure that those above you are under. I agree that senior people don't deserve recognition automatically, but that doesn't mean they are all happily writing themselves up either.
  12. If my choice was a pound for every moment monging off or one for every meal or hour of sleep missed whilst putting in the hours for the boys and girls, well I know which this evil oppressor of the other ranks would prefer. Sadly that huge sum of money is not available to me, nor was an MBE!!
  13. Tilly,

    I was not trying to present a blanket statement saying senior officers do not work for their pay packets, on the contrary I know they do put in the time. I to have put many long hours into looking after my blokes' welfare etc. but the difference is, I have not walked away with an MBE for doing my job nor would I expect to.

    It seems to me that most of the truly deserving blokes ( usually Toms or JNCOs ) work their nads off only to be part of rent a crowd when their OC gives out the good news that HE has been awarded an extra gong or two. Never mind though because a couple of gratis slabs of Fosters afterwards, courtesy of OC 2 Knife Fork Spoon Sqn / Coy ( add any name ) MBE OBE keeps the lads happy normally. Would a commander actually be awarded anything if the troops under him were workshy duffers? This is not a belt of 200 aimed at you Tilly, just a ponderous thought from my tortured swede.
  14. 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

    Such a thing exists :?:

    QCVS: What's that all about?
  15. Sorry guys, I didn't mean to put the cat completely amongst the pidgeons.

    What I was TRYING to say is that certain individuals are awarded a gong for mearly being in Command of a Unit whilst on Ops, regardless of whether they do anything spectaculatr or not. And there seems to be a structured system in place for those at the TOP of the pecking orde, Without sounding like a complete leftist it goes something like this :

    All Ranks usually up to Capt/Maj rank : MBE

    Lt Col in command on Ops : MBE/OBE
    Colonel in a bunker : OBE
    Brigadier : CBE
    2 Star : KBE
    3 Star : Order of the Bath, until you are knighted

    Get the picture ?