Knighthood for Salmon Rushdie!?!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bleachy, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    After turning a sophisticated after dinner discussion with close friends into a heavily Merlot assisted rant on Saturday night, I just wanted get a feel for the question; is it me or have those at the top gone barking mad?

    I am sorry, but the idea of a knighthood for a man who has contributed practically nothing to this marvellous nation of ours whilst costing the taxpayer in excess of £10m for police protection costs makes me nautious. Irrespective of your view on his work (for information my views revolve around his despicable purposeful provocation of religious tensions to increase his notoriety) I fail to understand how on earth anyone could come to the conclussion that he merits an honour such as this.

    Measured against a true heroe such as Mr Simon Weston OBE, a man who has demonstrated courage of the highest magnitude proving an inspiration to the nation and despite his continuing charity work has still not been knighted surely it is time to ask ourselves, is it is time for the nation to vote for who should be honoured? Perhaps then there will be less opportunity for berks like Rushdie to take an honour such as this away from the real national heroes.

  2. yes but it pisses off iran and muslims the world over got to be good value for money :twisted:
  3. Have to agree with the Hippy. The Iranians are whining already. Quality.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Not sure where you got the figure of 10 million quid - I understood he paid for his own protection anyway.

    Why not give him a knighthood - not exactly doing you any harm is it.
  5. Ord_Sgt, for information I based my figure on the following article:

    Difficult to pin down the exact cost but the more reliable sources indicate a figure of about £1m per year from '89 to '98.

    I take your point about his knighthood not doing me any harm; it's not as if I was about to pick one up. However, the point to my thread was surely there are more deserving candidates out there? Subjective I know but just interested in the consensus out there.
  6. Honours are generaly given to people who have spent a lifetime making money for themselves, sportsmen, singers, businessmen, authors, politicians ect, & the cash for Honours saga has brought the whole system into disrepute.
    I see military Honours as a different kettle of fish though as they are not just in it for the money but sadly the system has been demeaned by the government.
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Why not crown him! Why not give him the keys to the castle and all the toys.

    What exactly has he done to deserve this high honour?
    Because if he has not done anything substantial to deserve it, it is lowering this fine honour, thats what harm it does.
  8. apon waking to here the news the other morning,,the news that he was to receive a knighthood threw me into a foul mood all day
  9. The thing is honour are given to be people who have been successful in their field. The fact that they have made money for themselves shouldn't be derided, its often part and parcel of the success, this has pretty much always been the case. As for the cash for honours thing, I must admit I always assumed it was taken as read that if you supported the government of the day with donations/time effort etc you would receive something nice and shiny from HM?
    I agree with the military honours bit though, although in the old days generals/admirals etc got a lovel plot of land and a shiny mansion as well!
  10. Don't suppose any of you have actually read any of his novels, have you.
  11. Without wishing to contradict myself too much with regards to Rushdie purposefully provocating religious tensions to increase his notoriety, I have to admit that reading about the Iranian reaction to his knighthood did cheer me up considerably this morning.

    Nothing personal against the guy but I wish somebody would wipe that smug bloody grin off his face!
  12. Surely if the reason to leave UK was the honours system you might have left after Lord Archer or Lord Lucan?
  13. No, but I will go & get one from the library to see what all the fuss is about. :D

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  14. Have you seen his missus ? You'd have a smug grin too!!!!
  15. Chaps, i have nothing on this afternoon, could you supply the weapon? I have some Muslim friends.
    What has he done to deserve such an honour, there are doctors and nurses out there much more deserving, in fact a multitude of people.