Knight Warrior, it finds a partner.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by panzerknacker, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. Bouncing back from the chinning he received a few weeks ago, Salfords very own Knight Warrior finds love with a like minded dribbler.


    Jesus, you just know they'll have children.... lots of them.
  2. Is this a wind up?
  3. Nope, he really did get a chinning.
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  4. fu2

    fu2 LE

    Every chav in Salford is going to want to have a go at these two. Feel sorry for them (no I don`t)
  5. What the ******* **** is that?
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  6. That ********* from down west drive swinton again. Got seriously filled in a while back while " crime fighting " in Victoria Park just over the Main road from where that was filmed. Thick **** doesn't know when to stop. Luckily for him most of the real dangerous and hard types know him and just laugh when you talk about him. It's the saturday night hero's coming out the Farmers Arms or the other classy drinking establishments like the White Lion. He wisely stays away from the Bolton Road crowd.
  7. That is care in the community at work.
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  8. Hmmm...he seems to be lacking the kit that most of us would want to "fight crime".
  9. The perceived offspring as a result of men having babies with men. :p
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  10. I said at the time it'd not work, another thing to blame Thatcher for.
  11. I solely think the phrase "what the ****" was invented to describe these two people's union. Is psychiatric help not available for them by their primary care trust?
  12. All shit and spunk. I'd do him.
  13. In Salford you must be ******* nuts. They spent all the money renaming "HOPE" hospital to "Salford Royal" because it sounds a nicer place to be put back together in the early hours of a Sunday morning. That is if they find the missing parts that got ripped off you by the locals. The rest gets spent on trauma packs and treating the UN peace keeping force. Psychiatric help my ******* arrse.
  14. He needs to get himself outside the Winston near the Salford precinct, I hear they need his help there. It's the lass I feel sorry for, she's going to witness her love being knacked an awful lot.
  15. She's going to get loved a lot if thats what you call it more like. Salford precinct has calmed down a hell of a lot since the mad days of the 70's/80's. Still crackers like but not as bad as it was.