Knife Fighting Ninja 21 yo Instructor - walt?

Following the lesbian REME girl links in another post (who wouldn't?) I came across a knife defence video done by an aussie school -, who are hopefully better at fighting that websites - it's very very annoying.

This is their head ninja:

Is this stuff for real - the SFC Knife fighting course??

He has taught (among others):

* W.Hock Hochheim (Close Quarter Combat Master)
* Igor Yakimov (Sambo Master)
* Steve Krystek (LVPD SWAT Leader)
* John Ellery (Ex SAS scout sniper/Counter terrorist specialist)
* Craig Harwood (Ex Vic Police Special Operations Group sniper)
* Shane Toppin (Ex SAS Counter Terrorist Specialist)
* Current USA Air marshal Trainers
* USA Department of Nuclear Energy Tactical Response Trainers and more
wow....fcuking legend or is it bell end???

from his web shite... :toilet: :tp:

A knife is far deadlier than a gun! It does not run out of ammunition, can kill silently and be concealed just about anywhere. It is obtainable in any country and can be manufactured out of glass or metal in seconds.

Here are the first steps in my unarmed vs. the knife program...

Check out his 1000 yard stare

rofl :clap:

edited for dylsexia
A knife is far deadlier than a gun!

"never bring a knife to a gunfight"
I've trained with this guy in Oz. Its just filipino knife fighting dressed up as some special forces stuff. SFC is H. Hock's system that takes what passes for unarmed combat and makes money out of it. Most of the stuff is Filo based and it didn't impress me that much to be honest. Neither did the instructor featured but hey, horses for courses. I'm sure some people like it.
The only way to knife fight, is full of lager and a Stanley blade....

oh how I loved being a Blackpool doorman...... every ninja under the sun wants a pop at you with more varied weaponry than a museum :D

Deleted 20555

I'm appalled that there are threads going on with lesbian reme links in them and there is no way for us to get notified unless we happen upon them by accident!

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