Knife deaths in big UK cities

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. I notice that the 3 men convicted of the latest knifing in London have a 'mixed' heritage background.This seems quite common amongst both perpetrators and victims in London killings of late.Does this prove that NuLiabor maxim ''Diversity is working''
  2. You're not really meant to concern yourself with such things. It is their culture afterall, "innit"
  3. In the old days, it used to be muggings and bank jobs. Then it evolved into knife crime. Whats next? Buses being blown up by muslim terrorists?

    Oh did that..............Thanks labour. Your imigration policy is working then?
  4. In a year or 2 they will be in a nice cushy jail with probably more comforts than they ever had in the shitty little tramphole they grew up in. Their parents should be stabbed to death to see how they feel about a waste of life.
  5. There is NO knife crime as Labour have banned knives, neither are there any crimes committed with handguns as they are banned as well and anyone who says different is a fibber.
  6. They don't have the warrior gene they have the IRA gene also know as the "attack the unarmed & defenceless, cowards " gene.
  7. Shhh don't say that, you'll be labeled a Racist.
  8. Warrior gene my left nut. You bring a kid up in a violent and aggressive upbringing, feeding it a diet of violence and no self control, and it is inevitable it will turn out bad.

    I mean some of these parents, the way they bring up kids (or rather, don't) is appalling, you don't even raise dogs like that.

    Another playstation generation type, TV as the parent, Crisps for breakfast, white lightning and alcopops, and they talk about being 'gangster'. When did anyone ever hear of ronnie and reggie kray sitting on the swings in parks, spraying their tags on walls? I don't get these types, they think there hard as nails but whenever you say something about their mum they throw a hissy fit.
  9. I saw a Met Police bod on telly a while ago stating that the majority of street crime is committed by young, black men while white men form the majority of burglars.

    With only one in five knife criminals ever seeing the inside of a prison and most crimes only receiving a caution at the police station, knives are this year's must have accessory for the well dressed gangsta.

    Same thing happened in Glasgow in the 1930s. Didn't stop till they introduced mandatory prison time for everybody caught with a knife.

    Same thing happened in New York in the 1970s. Didn't stop till they introduced mandatory prison sentences for everybody caught with a knife.

    Are you seeing a pattern here?
  10. Well knife crime is still a problem in Glasgow, and has been so since I can remember which was when FGrankie Vaughn cme to Glasgow to try and tackle knife and gang culture in the 1950s, it's still not solved.
  11. The other aspect of some of these knife crimes is the absence of parental responsibility. Not only do those who breed the perpetrators of such crimes appear to have failed in the upbringing stakes, but the same appears to be true of the victims' parents too in many cases.

    The family of the boy whose killers were found guilty yesterday were spouting about justice, but appear to have been perfectly happy that their 16-year old child was out under-age drinking at 0200.
  12. Funny that. I was reading an article about knife crime today in Glasgow. Apparently more money is being allocated to 'community planning parnterships' and 'social inclusion partnerships' along with 'knife amnestys' to try to stop it.

    Whereas back in the day the Glasgow Police (who were all sturdy feckers ex-mil and ex trawler types etc) used to tour the streets and crack neds heads. And if you got sent to jail for being a bit blade happy you got a 10 stretch in Bar-L and that meant you did the 10.

    It doesn't take a genius to work out which tactics more successful.
  13. A Glaswegian lawyer once told me about the start of the new knife policy in the 1930s. The ned in the dock pled guilty to possession of an open razor in expectation of the usual 5 shilling fine.

    The Sheriff promptly informed the ned that he was being referred to the High Court for sentencing as the 3 year maximum sentence in the Sheriff Court was insufficient.

    The ned fainted in the dock.
  14. So these were immigrants were they? Or were they -shock- British citizens who were descendents of parents/grandparents who came to this country decades ago?

    "mixed heritage" :roll:

    Should we send them 'home' do you think? Maybe with some sort of grant? :roll: