Knife Crime

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lost_ulsterman, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Why does it take the murder of a z-list 'celebritys' relative to get people into action?

    She may be fit as a butchers dog, but there's only so much good looks can get you.......

    And it ain't gettin her brother back......

    Woops, should this be in the NAAFI threads?
  2. And after steak knives are banned what will be next? People with a penchent for violence will find a means of inflicting it upon others no matter how many laws or bans are enacted. In the absence of hand guns or knives they will use glass bottles, large sticks and boot heels.
  3. Possession of an offensive weapon - Minimum 5 YEARS (Maximum 10 YEARS)

    Assault using a weapon of offence - Minimum 10 YEARS (Maximum 30 YEARS)

    Murder using a weapon of offence - Minimum 30 YEARS

    I've just told the government how to solve Knife Crime!
  4. Seconded. FFS, criminals can get thier hands on illegal firearms - how hard do they think it will be to get knives, swords etc?! :evil:

    It's not fcuking rocket science; make carrying/using a blade so expensive in terms of punishment that it loses it's appeal. Start with a MANDATORY sentance of 10 years before the scum can apply for parole. And that's just for carrying a knife; double that for actually chibbing someone.

    It worked in Glasgow about fifty years ago. It will work now.
  5. As much as I appreciate what you’re saying, Frank, I think you’re on the wrong track. You appear to be advocating a more authorative approach, which hasn’t worked in the past and is highly unlikely to work in the future. A lesson in history:

    In my “yoof”, a ding-up between two adversaries was subject to unwritten ROPs. If a contestant was knocked to the ground, said worthy could bank on the fact of being allowed to regain his feet and be asked if he wanted to continue. There was no automatic putting the boot in: indeed, anybody trying it was instantly stopped by those witnessing said punch-up. Anybody turning up with any weapon at all (baseball-bat, clicky-ba, hurling stick, hefty branch from the nearest tree) was instantly relieved of them. That’s all changed now.

    The present day scenario is that if some unlucky soul is blatted and dropped, he can rest assured that those around him will boot him to death, or very near it. So the, possible, solution to the problem of chivvings lies in altering the attitude of those perpetrating such crimes. To date, I’ve been a “victim” of two such attacks with chivs in the UK (and one without, but I still pulled out my blade). Each time I shucked my own blade, the attackers decided that they suddenly had other commitments elsewhere and fücked off at the double. The result was that nobody was hurt and I retained my valuables.

    In my opinion, it’s useless to aggressively alter the sentences for carrying/using a chiv. There should be much more movement to altering the perception of chive users/carriers as cowards afraid of a bust-up. Just like it used to be.

    If such a general social attitude was attainable once, it should be possible to attain it again.

    BTW, Frank, I’d very much appreciate some links to the fact that “It worked in Glasgow about fifty years ago. It’ll work now.” If you don’t mind.

  6. I've been stabbed as well, Bugsy, and did not enjoy the experiance. The reason so many people carry knives is that there is no fear of the consquences of being caught...compared to the consquences of being unarmed when other people are carrying blades.

    I agree that any "code of honour" in street fights is long gone. Even in my youth(OK, back when Christ was a Lance-Jack and the Dead Sea was just on sick leave)a square go could be arranged. Both fighters would abide by the rules; no weapons, one on one and either fighter could quit at any time. And the loser did'nt involve the police.

    As to my comments about Glasgow: :wink:
  7. Anyone who stabs someone should be taken away and stabbed themselves, then left in a police cell until a non-emergency vehicle can take them to hospital.

    Might cure some of the "coolness" of blades.

    How do you describe an offensive weapon? I wear a leathermans at work, and my Land Rover has several weapons on board (an axe, a hand saw) I know people who use bowie knives for various tasks.... What is to stop me being sent down for using a "tool".

    Most of us have more "offensive" weapons in our kitchens. A lad was in the papers recently for killing another poor bloke with a pool ball and a sock (a la Scum). Do we ban socks and pool?

    The use of the tool, or intended misuse should iniate the punishment.

    If you kill someone with a knife (or any other object) you should be looking at 30 years hard graft. With the odd day off so you can be dragged in chains in front of the local school to explain what your daily routine is, and how hard the cat of nine tails feels at 0600.
  8. Can you justify having it in your possession???

    An example of this would be me doing a Stop Search on wednesday which turned up a bloke carrying a small silver knife with a razors edge. At first I considered jumping all over this but a few questions later and he is sent on his way. He works in a warehouse and uses them to cut open cardboard boxes. Your landrover tools same as. I have a screw driver set in the boot of my car... There they are harmless, even an entire tub in my possession is harmless but one shoved in my waist band will get me locked up!

    If you are carrying a sword like that I would expect to see watching "Conan" and you say "I'M JUST GOIN FISHING BOSS" then thats a different tipple!

    Reasonable answers to reasonable questions might see you at the most advised to stuff a knife in the bottom of a bag or something. Arrested, hardly!
  9. That attitude will eventually find you Stabbed or answering in court.
  10. Anyone who stabs somebody else obviously has no access to a well oiled 9mm pistol.

    More guns=Less knives=Less stabbings=Less knife crimes.
  11. Hence the o2 thief tag
  12. Shut up, Closet_Fibber.
  13. Okay - Will do :roll:
  14. Whats wrong with you, mate?

    You are supposed to throw a jab right back if you are under fire.

    Whatever happened to " never give in, never give in, never ever ever give in...?"

    Dunkirk Spirit anyone?

    Sadly I feel like I have lost all the will of my ancestors to put up that shield and defend myselves.

  15. National sevice,

    end of.