Knife Crime and HMGs response to the issue

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. It's been a pretty awful 24hours - can't recall five dead in one day previously.

    In the usual responsive way, the PM has announced the release of the youth crime plan.

    BBC News - Brown pledge to tackle stabbings

    Too little, too late - or simply HMG failing to grasp the issue in time?

    What realistically can Brown bring into play, that will curb the current spate of killings and stabbings?
  2. Arm the plod! If the little shite bags realise that there is a chance of being shot for carrying a weapon, I feel that this would be a deterrent!
  3. My mate from Mansfield told me today the bottom of his road was all taped off because the night before some 15 year old lad had the shit kicked out of him by 2 fully grown men,then the lad crawled to my mates next door neighbor who he was freinds with then sorted him out fixed him up then he went home got a knife and stabbed both men! If its like this now what will it be like in 10 years.
  4. Does anyone actually believe that??

    Too right!!

    Edited because I quoted the wrong bit :oops:
  5. Why? The plod are nowhere near when these incidents are happening.

    I heard on Radio 4 this morning that out of 38,000 stop and searches in London about one in 50 found a knife, adding up to over 750 offenders with knives.

    I would LOVE to see the stats on how many of those people spent even one day behind bars for carrying a knife.
  6. the problem stems from the fact that the police are now considered by many, to be there simply to serve the government, to implement labour party social policy.

    because there is noone who will seek justice for us (the people) when we are wronged, more people are taking the 'law' into their own hands.

    Return the police to the people, so that the people know that justice will be done, and much of this will disappear.

    This is the fault of the labour party, NOT the police.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Easy target.

    Its not about policing its not even about knives its about society and how****ed up it is.

    My eldest lad turns 16 on sunday, I've bought him a telescopic fishing rod and a jack pyke three bladed lock knife. The knife makes the perfect companion to the Spanish 4 inch blade sheath knife I got him last year.

    When we go fishing he takes his knife as do I. When he goes shooting he takes his knife as do I. When he takes his Jack russell ratting on the farm or walking over farm land he takes his knife.

    When he goes into town his knife stays at home, as it does when hes at school.

    I sincerely hope that that bunch of losers in westminster don't go down the same route with knives as they did with pistols. After all that has been such a sucess story hasn't it!
  8. Of course they will.

    Gun controls have hurt the honest and benefited the criminals, so naturally the government will follow the same policy with knives.
  9. What can actually be done about it though?
  10. Dont blame these Brainwashed kids.
    The real killers out on the streets are,,
    Playstation game authors

    What we are seeing is the slow corruption of our young children, To quote a teenage gangster in Liverpool, "I aint afraid of nothin, cept maybe the 10 year olds in the gang"
  11. I blame rap music and this Grime shit all they ever go on about is shooting,stabbing and doing drugs and all this lets wear tracksuits and those stupid hats and that makes me a ''gangster''.
  12. Do we really need another set of laws though. Its already illegal to carry any knife around without good reason.
    New laws would do what? Make it more illegal to stab someone? Thats going to work.
    Banning the sale of knives to under 50 year olds might do something, but most stabbings are with mums carving knife. Chopping onions with a spoon isnt easy.
    I hate to sound like a Telegraph reader,but disciplin from early childhood,and beating the little b`stards when they do wrong,impressing on them a healthy respect for authority, might work if we started now. But there not much to be done with the feral scum of about 13+. Steralization perhaps
  13. Crime = Punishment.

    Adequate punishment and not social services mollycoddleing or community caring.
  14. Arm the neighbourhood grannies and stick them on the streets with powers to shoot to protect. - I wouldn't mess with my Aunt Cis carrying armour I can tell you.

    What else can they do? It is now getting ingrained and Labour will have to admit they were wrong over many years, many policies, and many doctrines, - ain't gonna happen.

    Needs three things, REAL policing not PC policing, but Labour can't renounce that.
    Courts that support common sense, like you tw@t a chav and he gets hauled over the coals not you. - Europe doesn't like that.
    A basic overhaul in schools that goes back to the basics and teaches respect and earning of your place in society.
    -Oh dear another taboo.

    Me apart from the above I would add in a years national Service, obligatory for EVERYBODY including Tony's lot. Not military, unless you volunteer for three years, but social, building things and helping old folk etc. and under discipline.

    Make sense? It does to me but it isn't on our leader's agenda because it is based on common sense.
    (or at this time of night what passes for common sense)
  15. A few ideas off my manifesto:

    1. Tazers - frikin big ones - Rozzers & Military - to be carried on and off duty. Rule of engagement - Shoot first, ask questions later.
    2. Chain gangs.
    3. Formation of the 1st Battalion The Queens Own Cannon Fodder - Front line service for 2 years minimum carrying just a knife (enter all Human Rights nerds!).
    4. The birch.
    5. Channel 4 to ditch Big Brother and replace with their own version of The Running Man - Ratings through the roof.
    6. HMP Isle of Man - Big fence, lots of gun towers, give them all knives to crack on with each other.
    7. Save a fortune on Figure 11's - "Targets will fall and scream when hit".

    Failing that, your bang on Dwarf, are you running for office too?????