Knife Amnesty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Country_Bumpkin, May 25, 2006.

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  1. Effective: I see knife crime falling drastically

  2. Semi-effective: Some violent people may hand in knives

  3. Irrelevant: Violent offenders will not give up their weapons

  1. For those of you who don't know the next month (starting today until June 30th) is a knife amnesty. You can walk down the street brandishing your favourite samouri sword without fear of prosecution as long as you say "I'm taking it down the nick to hand in".

    Everytime I hear about one of these amnesties it makes me chuckle. Do they actually achieve anything? Surely the criminals, those who plan to use illegal knives and firearms, have no intention to hand in their weapons because, on a minor technicality, they don't give a stuff about the law.

    We have the most archaic firearm and fixed blade legislation in the civilised world, yet violent crime is at an all time high. Surely the real way of reducing this sort of crime is to have an effective deterrent instead of the impotent sentencing framework we have at the moment.

    Fellow Arrsers, your comments please.
  2. Well any removal of weapons has to be a good thing .Even if it means the chav thug has to go 5 minutes more looking for a knife .Good idea but more action is needed than simply putting a bin out imho.
  3. The thing that gets me is having an amnesty for an item that is not illegal to own. Though that does illuminate the way some folk think I guess, you know the type who wish to ban everything "if it isn't against the Law it should be" type of folk.
  4. No one worried about the kabar that sits in the desk .It the sharpened kitchen knife somebody carries round town thats the problem
    and hopefully some might come off the streets.
  5. Sad to say that society may have contributed to this wave of bladed weapon possession. The present penalties for possession of an offensive weapon are inadequate to say the least. magistrates are censured in the way they hand down custodial sentences. Community service orders and fines are normally the set punishment.

    Most people who carry a knife will ultimately use it. Fact. You will not see hardened criminals handing in their weapons to a police station. I agree some weapons will get handed in, however this will be a drop in the ocean in comparison to the amount being carried.
    magistrates need more power to detain offenders for longer periods and the police at present do have the power to stop and search under Section 1 of PACE. So get on with it!!

    Surely the death of a schoolboy with such a promising future in football will cause the authorities to come up with something stronger than just a modest knife amnesty? More stop and search outside schools and clubs. Probably the rate of drugs and other offences may go down in the process. More high profiling policing. Walthamstow Borough Commander take note!! 8O

  6. I mean lets totally ignore the fact that the people doing the damage with these items will not hand them in at all and are infact flouting the law by carrying said items around.
    I look forward to next months amnesty on baseball bats, cricket bats and pieces of scaffolding tube, maybe we can push for an amnesty on knitting needles they're bloody dangerous too you know. I remember that last time this happened there were reports of old dears emptying their kitchen draws to hand all the lethal weapons in.....
  7. What a waste of time. After Hungerford legal gun ownership was clamped down on. Legislation was introduced that turned a perfectly legal hobby into something that the left wing do gooders found abhorrent. Has that affected gun crime? No. Why? Because the armed robber or street mugger would not use a legally registered and traceable weapon.

    As a parallel exactly the same is true of knives. The only people who will hand weapons in are the one's who wouldn't use them for criminal activities. I can't imagine some dope addled crack head who needs to mug and rob to feed his drug habit rushing to the knife bin in order to dispose of his AIDs encrusted knife!

    How do we reduce knife crime? More police doing policing not PC related bullsh!t. The ability to stop and search without reams of paperwork; or having to justify why the proportion of people stopped is not an accurate representation of the minority breakdown of the country. And then when a scrote is caught with a blade he gets put in jail for a long time.

    Rant over.
  8. A token gesture.

    Stop and search and LOCK UP anybody carrying a knife.

    Then throw away the key.

    And the knife.
  9. Well, I couldn't agree more. Why, only this morning I used my Spyderco penknife to viciously slash open a letter from the taxman.

    Personally, I take exception when the liberal do-gooders focus their energies on 'evil' inaminate objects. It may be stating the obvious, but that young footballer seems to have been stabbed because of some vicious murdering thug. Knives don't have any will of their own!

    We had all this after Hungerford. The politicians can go on the Today programme to say that they 'are taking positive steps', without actually having to do anything about the underlying problems.

    The Spyderco penknife is just the job for 'street carry' as it is UK legal, with a sub 3 inch, non-locking blade. I look forward to explaining this to the first nobber PC who tries to take it off me.

  10. Yup,

    total waste of time. Just like the gun laws brought in after Hungerford/Dunblane. Managed to alienate the law abiding gun enthusiasts who registered their weapons and totally failed to address the illegally held firearms.

    Dunno what the answer is though. The current S.1 PACE search isn't a bad power but providing an honest justification for the search can sometimes be a bugger if you aren't just going to do it on the grounds of a blip on the old plod street radar.

    A pragamatic approach to this problem, i.e. hitting the areas (Usually in economically disadvantaged communities) where they occur more often, will just lead to protests of harassment. Then it'll be anguished mothers on TV saying that their son was only targetted because of X/Y/Z rather than the fact that he was likely to be carrying a knife. The issue of trying to keep the place safer would be totally ignored.

    The problem is that a broadbrush approach to stop search in certain areas - Estates/Hang out spots etc might be very effective but disproportionate numbers of minorities would end up being included in such searches as well as white people. It would end up in lawsuits and complaints and the Plod who initiated the search wouldn't receive the back up when it came to court/complaint time.

    And then the problem would, again, be allowed to fester and additionally, it would generate even more bad feeling/crime etc, blah, blah

    You can't send a plumber to fix a leaky pipe and then deny him the use of the tools or tell him that he can only use the tools in a certain way and still expect a well fixed pipe, it ain't gonna happen.
  11. So I take it you've dropped your gerber/leatherman/victorinox in the bucket already? There are lots of reasons for having a knife that are not mischievous but then again plod will be poorly briefed and have targets to meet.
  12. By carrying a knife I meant one not to be used for legitimate purposes. Exceptions would have to carpet fitters and money lenders and various other trades.
    Victorinox can also be dangerous, I find myself worrying every time I hit a hole in the wall. The fear of being toothpicked to death is always paramount in my mind.

    I think you know what I meant. Chavs hanging around a shopping centre do not need knives and they are the ones who should be targeted.
  13. Anyone see the pic in the London Metro this morning ?

    Its a copper carrying a double bladed weapon "designed to decapitate people" it seems

    And there I was thinking it was a Klingon Batleth
  14. See now here's a thing.
    When I get up in the mornings I (usually) put on my trousers.
    There's a "knife" on the belt, a Leatherman Charge. I wont strp over the door without it.

    If I'm going anywhere green and unpaved I'll usually have it and someting a tad more substantial.

    Knives, per se are not a problem, you'd look pretty stupid trying to eat steak without one for a start. It's bad people who are the problem, the ones who don't obey laws, new or otherwise.

    As for Britain having a so called "knife culture"... of course it does!
    And a darn good thing it is too.... Ask any Saxon.
  15. I agree with you BB and it was the chavs/neds hanging round street corners that shouldn't have any need for a knife. Unless they were apprentice carpet fitters on the night shift. If you were going anywhere green or unpaved (which is always good for a claim), I see no reason why you shouldn't continue on your merry way unmolested. You are also quite welcome to play with something more substantial its just I'm not that keen on reading about it.