Kneller Hall to St Giles Hotel.


I am driving a Coach to Kneller Hall on Sunday. I have been booked into the St Giles Hotel on Hounslow Rd Feltham. I know it is just over 3 miles away, but could anyone please give me an idea about how much a taxi would cost. I have never stayed in London before.

Many thanks.

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3 miles. Expect to pay about 6 quid for a mini cab. If they want more than 7 quid, tell the driver you are not paying it and want to speak to the controller. Better still, when you ring the firm up to book the cab, ask for a quote for the journey, accept it provided it's around 6 quid and you should just pay the driver the accepted quote.

A black cab will be substantially more but that's your choice if you go down that route.
It may be 3 miles if you walk across Hounslow Heath & the Golf course to get there, otherwise it's closer to four, so expect Adullah to be wanting £8 - £10. There's a train station in Whitton High St that's 0.5 mile from Kneller and it's one stop to Feltham, but check the time table as not all trains stop at Whitton. Feltham's station is about 200 yards from the St. Giles. All Feltham's trains will stop at Twickenham, however, but it's about a mile from Kneller. Off peak singles from either to Feltham are £2.70
Thanks for that. Hoping to get to Kneller Hall around 17 00 . I will check timetables when I finish work.

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Sorry that i didn't know that there was a site that gave you taxi fares.

If i had known I wouldn't have asked.

Thanks for that site. I will use that in the future.

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Slightly off topic they used do a good breakfast at the St Giles however,that was twelve years ago. Did my training there for the Home Office (UKIS).

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