I'd like some advice on knees, if anyone has had any experience! I injured my knees from road running...I understand footwear and technique wil be a factor, but does anyone have any advice on strengthening the knees in order to deal with impact training?

As I was only running 2/3 times a week for about an hour, I'm a bit concerned as to how long I'll last tabbing with a massive bergen on my back!

Would recommend you goto a physio and get them to check your knees before you even start.
They will be able do examinations on them to provide all the advice you require.

A selection of links from the knee directory on my favourites - kneeguru is good.

When you hear old bloke saying take care of knee etc start taking notice. I kept on doing sprots, phys etc and now I have problems with my knees. earlier advice is good - see the doc and get a referral for a physio.
My only advice to you regarding any concerns you may have about your knees is get them sorted out so that you don't have any worries about them. I developed an awful bloody nuisance of a knee 'condition' which delights in the name iliotibial band syndrome - it is brought about by sustained running, is common to distance runners, but can occur in anyone engaging in reasonably regular running (I was running a max of 40 mins, three times a week on a threadmill at a jog-sprint pace, over a period of some five months).

This iliotibial whatsit hit me very hard one day, completely out of the blue and quite literally stopped me dead in my tracks - I actually couldn't walk more than a few yards initally, and thought my cruciate had gone. Unfortunately, I felt compelled (before I went ahead, broke down, and was thrown out) to withdraw from the RMAS about a month before I was due to start in May of last year. While I bitterly regret having to do that, I have no doubt, having consulted physios and those in the Army, that I wouldn't have lasted a week - the RMAS are very strict about any knee injuries, and quite rightly. In my case, I was receiving physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment for about six months. Having read up on the particular condition I had, it seems that running-induced knee injuries can be long term if not treated properly, and an 'attack' can last several months.

Knee strengthening exercises any decent physion can tell you about. Part of my problem was that I was not warming up and warming down for sufficently long enough - when running, stretching and loosening up the leg muscles is absolutely crucial as I have learned to my cost.
Oh, and another thing - If you are serving get them sorted out before leaving. NHS is sh*t and very slow.

Both my physios are nice tho' so I suppose that is a bonus. They are also women before you ask.

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