Knees - stop winging and do something

That's it, dispair time.
A 'grown up' who should know better was banging on about his knees last week end and their utter knackeredness having spent far too long in Her Majesty's service carrying her possessions round the world on his back and then kneeling down on a pebble - remember that one and how they sting, 'nuff to make one sob.

Anyway the research is out:
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Bottom line is start taking chondroitin sulphate now and it'll save your knees, 'change your life for ever, swear to God' (by the way a hexiblock sweetie for any one who can tell me where that one comes from) but make sure you are taking a well known brand because one of these studies reveals that most contain nothing but white powder (hmmm). Apparently it don't matter how often a day but stick with the advised limit.

If it was my army I'd force them to take the stuff and save all that legal madness and cash loss once the've left.

Sorry about that rant.

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