Knees clicking

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Contrarian, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. I'm planning on enlisting within the next 6 months. At the moment I am training to get the right level of fitness. When I bend down my knees often click. In fact, I can click many parts of my body. Will this knee clicking be a barrier to entry into the armed forces? I have no pain when it happens.
  2. depends on how it affects your ability to do certain things.. they dont want liability if somethin go's wrong

    take cod liver oil tablets see if they help
  3. Clicking alone nothing to worry about - some joints are just noisy.

    If you are getting sharp apins and/or locking at the same time as the clicks then there may be a cause to worry.

    Hope that helps
  4. I've started taking omega 3 tabs. No discernable difference with the joints yet but can feel a mental difference. Recommended for that alone.
  5. Really no discernable difference 30 minutes after taking the tablet, well I am suprised.
  6. Do joint-mobility exercises. Lots of stretching and working the full range of motion of clicking joints. I've been told it's partly calcium deposits. Whatever it is, just working the clicky parts long enough got rid of the sounds for me.
  7. Excuse spelling - condramalatia pattela. Mmm.
  8. Muppet, I started taking them a about a month ago, but not for the joints. Actually, maybe I wasn't clear enough so in that case I would be the muppet.
  9. Take 'Codliver oil' and 'Glucosamine sulphate' also do exercises to keep you supple, martial arts type training or yoga should be suitable. Try googling for some yoga streching exercises.
  10. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Nothing to worry about my knees sound like a bowl of Rice Krispees with milk added. Oh and my neck clicks aswell as my shoulders locking out and my wrists.....

    .....I think I should go and see a doctor

  12. Its not a doctor you want to go to its a bloody machanic to get those joints oiled...
  13. Sorry just couldn't resist a p*ss take.
  14. What about clacking? got any clacking? :)
  15. Clacking? Only from my arse!